‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Has a Guinness World Record for a Strange Reason

In many ways, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an bauble for a broader Final Fantasy franchise, though it’s one that done a Guinness Book of World Records interjection roughly wholly to one man: Composer Masayoshi Soken.

Most Final Fantasy games are single-player RPG experiences, though FFXIV, many like FFXI before it, is an MMORPG same to World of Warcraft in that players emanate characters and assume roles in a large online anticipation world. The vicious response to a strange FFXIV was zero brief of disastrous, spurring Square Enix to reconstruct a diversion entirely, including a music, that is where Masayoshi Soken came in.

He served as sound executive of a strange FFXIV while authorization unchanging Nobuo Uematsu stoical a music, though when Square Enix rebranded a rebuilt chronicle of a diversion as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Soken-san insincere a purpose of sound executive and lead composer. The diversion rebounded and maintains a abounding village to this day. Earlier this year, it broke a Guinness Book of World Records when it reached 384 singular songs — and that was before a Jun 2017 Stormblood expansion.

Soken-san is obliged for roughly all of it.

Soken-san is a Rage Against a Machine fan.Soken-san is a Rage Against a Machine fan.
Soken-san is a Rage Against a Machine fan.

Inverse interviewed Soken-san recently about his practice origination Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a record-breaking game, what strain means to a larger franchise, and what it’s like progressing a high standards of epic strain that Final Fantasy is famous for.

How did we get concerned with a Final Fantasy franchise?

When we initial came to Square Enix, my categorical responsibilities focused on sound outcome creation, sound schematic designs, and other sound engineering work. Generally, mixed people would hoop these things, though we unequivocally wanted to grasp something specific with my ideal sound, so we enjoyed doing these tasks alone.

Shortly after fasten a company, we began to manage small- to mid-scale sound projects for a titles. we was mostly asked to emanate low-pitched marks as well, so we would harmonise strain for these projects on a side. we was eventually reserved to manipulate sound on Final Fantasy XIV and afterwards took over component with A Realm Reborn.

How critical is strain to Final Fantasy?

I am certain this relates to any game, though we trust sound is constituent and inseparable component of video games. A game’s soundtrack is a smashing piquancy that drives a romantic control of a gameplay experience. we don’t consider we would be exaggerating if we pronounced that in a box of a Final Fantasy series, we demeanour for a season of that piquancy — a emotions we wish to explain on users — and that determines a altogether sound in Final Fantasy.

When we demeanour behind on a franchise, what do we consider of as a many noted and critical songs? Are there any that we pull impulse from?

I would contend that “Prelude” (the thesis of a Crystal) and “Final Fantasy” (the categorical thesis for Final Fantasy) are dual unequivocally critical and noted pieces. Both songs have returned again and again given their entrance in a initial Final Fantasy game, and any time they tone a diversion in some way.

What have been some of a biggest hurdles component strain for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

FFXIV challenged a inconceivable by rebuilding a diversion from blemish while stability live operations of a original. The sound design, too, had to bear a same routine of stability to refurbish a live game’s sound while also formulating sound for a new in-development chronicle — that charge in and of itself was utterly a challenge.

At a same time, bringing closure to a strange diversion and formulating a code new sound for A Realm Reborn was unequivocally sparkling prospect. We had to emanate strain that would assistance to transparent any tarnish that might have been compared with a original, while also formulating a sound with not usually a totally new picture though also a normal anticipation diversion vibe. we remember racking my smarts utterly tough during this process.

How did a strain grow or change between a initial Final Fantasy XIV and A Realm Reborn?

By starting with a purify line-up for a diversion pattern [for A Realm Reborn], we was means to do an renovate on a sound schematics and sound engine. As a result, we was means to confederate strain some-more effectively into a altogether game.

I stoical a songs for A Realm Reborn while privately deliberation a new gameplay pattern and diversion elements, and they have turn songs that a players have now come to love. As a creator, this creates me so happy.

How accurately did Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn come to have so many songs? Was that always partial of a devise or was it a happy accident?

Even after all of this time, we have never been given a specific sequence from anybody to emanate lots of songs for a game! It’s only that when we feel that we need a new strain for a certain square of content, we emanate a strain for it on my own, and afterwards exercise it into a diversion but being asked! Before we knew it, there were already a large series of songs in a game.

What are your favorite specific songs from FFXIV and why?

“Imagination,” that we will hear during a final conflict in A Realm Reborn, and “RISE,” that we will hear during a latter half of a “Alexander — The Soul of a Creator” battle. The reason is simply that we consider they sound cold (laughs).

How many has Nobuo Uematsu’s past work shabby your possess work within Final Fantasy?

When we contend Final Fantasy, we consider Nobuo Uematsu.

I unequivocally do trust that Final Fantasy strain equates to Mr. Uematsu’s music. [As we use some of Mr. Uematsu’s pieces] in Final Fantasy XIV, we proceed arrangement of these pieces by meditative to myself, “How would we arrange this square to make it ring if we were implementing this strain into a complicated game?” Then, we execute.

Mr. Uematsu’s songs are inseparable from my artistic process, and he has had a vital change on my work. we consider I’ve also been shabby by him on a tellurian turn as good — we infrequently put a lot of concentration into things that might not indispensably need it, and we also never destroy to do something humorous after a few drinks!

What does a destiny of your impasse with FFXIV and Final Fantasy demeanour like?

I don’t have many time to consider about a future!

Every singular day I’m operative for a latest patch updates, and afterwards there is even some-more work when we have a new expansion. After that I’m operative to put together a rarely demanded OST albums, operative on a piece strain for a band concert, origination preparations for a Primals performance, formulating sounds for a new trailer, while also doing audio post prolongation for a TV mark … So. Many. Things. To. Do!!! Oh, that reminds me — we need submit all of my work hours into a system, too!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is accessible now PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac.

The interviewed has been edited for abruptness and clarity.

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