Final Fantasy XIV Gets Preliminary 4.1 Patch Notes

Square Enix has only expelled a rough Final Fantasy XIV patch records for a upcoming 4.1 update.  The patch is set to arrive on Oct 10th and is patrician The Legend Returns.

The patch brings a accumulation of changes to Final Fantasy XIV, including a ancient city of Skalla, a new residential section called Shirogane and more. Before we plead a patch notes, take a demeanour during a 4.1 trailer.

In sequence to entrance many of a essence of a 4.1 refurbish we will need to have all a expansions accessible for Final Fantasy XIV. The patch adds new categorical unfolding quests, including: Arenvald’s Adventure, The Darkness Below and 9 more, that haven’t been named yet. Chronicels of a New Era quests are also being added, including Dramatis Personae and A City Fallen.

Other changes in Patch 4.1:

  • Players can pierce between Onokoro and Sakazuki by vocalization with a NPCs during a locations next after completing a categorical unfolding query “Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out.”
  • Players can pierce to a Royal Menagerie by vocalization with a Royal Menagerie attendant in a Ala Mhigan Quarter (X:36.4 Y:32.1) after completing a certain categorical unfolding quest.
  • New side story quests: A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East
  • Kojin savage clan quests have been added.
  • A businessman has been combined to a Kojin savage clan settlement, with new equipment accessible for purchase.
  • The Kojin categorical quests and daily quests will occupy an involuntary turn composition complement famous as query sync…

Final Fantasy XIV - 4.1 Patch

  • The fondness raid cave The Royal City of Rabanastre has been added.

  • New PvP actions have been added:

    • Thrill of War
    • Dragon Sight
    • Troubadour
    • Flamethrower
    • Vercure
    • Sleeve Draw
    • Minor Arcana
    • Lord of Crowns
    • Lady of Crowns

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1

  • PvP actions have been adjusted

  • The volume of PvP knowledge perceived from PvP duties has been increased.

  • The Feast (4 on 4 – Training Match) has been added, and is accessible around a Duty Finder

  • New recipes have been added.

  • New equipment have been added.

  • The vitality charge has been combined to gatherer rigging during turn 60 and above.

  • Players can now pronounce with M’Naago to finish tradition deliveries.

  • New mounts have been added.

FFXIV patch 4.1

  • The Sleipnir mountain can now fly.

  • New minions have been added.

  • New Chocobo Barding has been added.

  • New achievements and titles have been added.

  • Glamours can now be unbarred during turn 15.

  • Players can now supplement other players form opposite Worlds within a same information core to their friends list.

These are some of a vital changes that patch 4.1 brings to Final Fantasy XIV, though if we wish to see them all, head over to a central proclamation page. The refurbish goes live in only a few days, so make certain we don’t skip it!


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