Final Fantasy XIV Director Plays Final Fantasy XIV, Gets Mobbed By Fans

Yesterday during E3 in Los Angeles, we went to Square Enix’s counter for an talk with Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida and found him in a center of a event of his possess game. As it turns out, he had been chatting with fans during his talk breaks. And removing mobbed.

As his group afterwards explained to me, each once in a while, Yoshida will record into his MMORPG on a open comment and tell a universe that he’s unresolved out. Then people will group to wherever he is, spending hours basking in a participation of the male who helped save Final Fantasy XIV. Yoshida has turn a luminary in a game’s community, not only for his work on a diversion though for his consistent interactions with fans, in visit streams and blog posts. People adore a man.

When he moved, everybody changed with him. Watch:

During a talk (as my questions were being translated to Japanese), we spasmodic incited over to a shade and watched a tide of messages, that seemed to be zero though kind. “Thank we for all your tough work Yoshida san,” wrote one actor in a private message. “It’s appreciated each day.”


I asked Yoshida how mostly he plays with strangers who know who he is, and he told me that while his categorical comment is anonymous—and tip secret—he infrequently uses his “Yoshida” comment to join pointless groups of players and assistance them out with tough raids.

“A lot of a times people during initial consider I’m a fake,” he said, vocalization by a translator. “But when they start profitable courtesy to a gear, or a movements, they comprehend they’ve seen this player.” Then they have a story forever.

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