Final Fantasy XIV Details New 5.1 Update Including Gear, Dungeons, and New Game+

Final Fantasy XIV is removing a code new NieR Automata-themed patch featuring new gear, a new dungeon, new game+, and a Fellowship.

In a code new patch records post from a Final Fantasy XIV central website, we learn some-more about a arriving post-Shadowbringers enlargement update. The 5.1 patch, patrician “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty,” is an fondness raid partnership formed on NieR Automata that takes place after a end of a prior campaign.

This refurbish facilities new gear, a code new cave called a Grand Cosmos, a new underline called Fellowship, and New Game Plus. The Grand Cosmos, according to a central description:

Long ago, on a distant seaside of a Source, a good house was built by a elves─the Grand Cosmos, an edifice of such bulk it was pronounced to enthuse enviousness in both a heavens for that it was named and a flowers that emanate a eternal gardens. As with so many wonders of a universe that once was, a glow fast faded in a arise of a Flood, a halls descending silent, a bench sitting empty. That is, until a house was given new purpose when a mage claimed it as their sanctuary, their usually association being solace, solitude, and a multitude of familiars exclusive opening to any ridiculous adequate to find an audience.

Fellowships are a new approach for players with common interests to join with any other. You can join adult to 10 fellowships on your information center, or make your possess and entice adult to 1,000 players. Use them to announce village events, partisan for raids and dungeons, send information to lane down chosen marks, and more.

New Game Plus lets we revisit formerly finished quests, cutscenes, dialogue, and battles not found in a Unending Journey, all while gripping your stream impression and level. Patch 5.1 includes a categorical unfolding quests for Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. A Realm Reborn calm isn’t accessible during this time, as a team has skeleton to revisit and trim some of a query bondage for a improved experience.

Check out a new screenshots next showcasing some of a calm that’ll be on a way. And stay tuned for a next Letter from a Producer Live broadcast that will go live on Oct 18th.

Meanwhile, be certain to check out our official review of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers here, as good as the E3 2019 talk with Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida hereFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is accessible now for PS4 and PC.

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