Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light heads to Netflix on Sep 1

Sure, because not?

The live-action Japanese play about a father fastening with his son in Final Fantasy XIV is creation it to Netflix worldwide soon. The streaming use has Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light scheduled for Sep 1 (along with a bunch of movies like Jaws, Mulan, and Pulp Fiction) and even yet we don’t play a game, I’m down for this show. It’s formed on an endearing loyal story!

There’s a subbed trailer on Netflix that covers a simple premise: a son gets his father a PlayStation 4 and FFXIV as a retirement gift, and hopes to personally bond with him in-game so that he opens adult and a dual can grow closer again. It’s a kind of thing I’m probable to watch during like 2:30am.

And while it competence be famous as Dad of Light in a West, it’ll always be Daddy of Light to me.

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