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The biggest hazard to Eorza isn’t a Garleans, or some other knave that we don’t wish to demeanour adult given we haven’t even finished Heavensward yet. It’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, that have been attack Final Fantasy XIV given Jun and uncover no pointer of stopping, according to a developers during Square Enix.

Square says that a DDoS attacks have grown some-more formidable to frustrate over time, relocating from Final Fantasy XIV’s servers to “upper-tier internet use providers” and heading to all sorts of server issues.


“Since mid-June, a third celebration has been targeting a Final Fantasy XIV game servers on a NA information center,” writes Square Enix currently on the company’s website. “Until now, we have been implementing defensive measures during a possess comforts to fight DDoS attacks opposite a Final Fantasy XIV diversion servers, and have been means to keep a impact to services during a minimum. However, given Jul a attacks have shifted divided from a Final Fantasy XIV diversion servers and a aim has altered to concentration on a upper-tier internet use providers (ISPs) that are compulsory to bond to a information center. These attacks to a upper-tier ISP network are causing lapses in communication to a diversion servers, giving arise to present disconnects during logins.

“Because we can no longer fight a conditions on a own, we have been in hit with a upper-tier ISPs, who have afterwards been holding defensive measures sequentially on their end. This doing has already been effective; however, there is a probability that a attacks could start again. Therefore, we will find to strengthen a team-work with a upper-tier ISPs and continue watching a defenses.”


DDoS attacks, that engage banishment huge amounts of information during a aim in an try to burden the servers, are easy to perform and scarcely unfit to stop. They also siphon for only about everyone. More reading:

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