Final Fantasy XIV Bards Are Making Beautiful Music

A integrate of weeks back, Square Enix finally gave Final Fantasy XIV Bards a ability to play genuine music. Now YouTube is stuffing with good (and usually spasmodic terrible) Bard performances.

Since Square Enix’s has users determine to not use a new Bard collection to reconstruct third-party music, many of a tunes display adult online are customary Final Fantasy fare. Here we see Solaris White plucking out a Chocobo thesis with an suitable companion.

While many Bards are starting off simple, recreating easy tunes with a singular voice, others are holding things to a subsequent level, recording mixed marks and splicing them together. MintormentGaming’s chronicle of “Matoya’s Cave” is only gorgeous.

Some Bard players, not calm with being singular to a harp, implement other in-game sound effects in their compositions. In an early try during multi-screen performance, Windy FFXIV uses hotbar switching noises as percussion while behaving a game’s Alexander trainer quarrel theme. Even some-more impressive, a opening is finished regulating gamepad controls instead of keyboard.

One of a many considerable Bards on YouTube so distant is ADZDarkStone, whose multi-track performances are breathtaking. Here is “Battle on a Big Bridge.”

Many of a some-more formidable Bard melodies are being combined regulating macros, pre-programmed instructions that strike a right note with a right timing. ADZDarkStone doesn’t do this, as demonstrated in his opening of “The Decisive Battle.”

It’s good to see a collection being used to reconstruct some pleasing music. we was disturbed that, in a wrong hands, a underline would be used for evil.

Dammit, Si Le.

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