Final Fantasy XIV and Ubisoft servers underneath DDoS attack

Ubisoft’s servers and Final Fantasy XIV are now confronting complicated DDoS attacks.

Players are confronting high latencies and difficulty joining to a aforementioned servers for a while now. The games are throwing out “can’t bond to server” and “couldn’t bond to server in a allotted time” errors.

Ubisoft told players that they are now operative on a issue:

October, 5 2018 -Degradation – Multiple Games – All Platforms
Hello everyone. We’re wakeful of an emanate now inspiring connectivity and are operative towards solution this. We apologize for any nuisance caused and conclude your patience. Please be certain to check this thread for destiny updates. Thanks.

UPDATE 12:30 PM EST: We’re now experiencing a array of DDoS attacks, that unfortunately are a common occurrence for roughly all online use providers. This might impact connectors to a games as good as server latency, and we are holding stairs to lessen this issue.

Due to a many of Ubisoft’s games being hosted on a same set of servers games like For Honor, Far Cry 5 and a recently expelled Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are confronting issues joining to online services.

Players have reported that they’re also confronting issues with saves files connected around Cloud Sync to Ubisoft servers. They should hence be creation an offline save record to equivocate losing out on progress.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV is also confronting identical issues with them notifying players immediately:

Here’s Square Enix’s proclamation on a matter:

We are now experiencing technical problems due to a DDoS attack.
Players might knowledge a following issues as a result.

We are looking into a approach attacks are being done and holding countermeasures. More information will be supposing as a conditions develops.

[Date Time]
From Oct. 5, 2018 16:09 (GMT)
From Oct. 5, 2018 17:09 (BST)

Players might be experiencing a following issues:
・Disconnected from EU information centre Worlds
・Difficulty logging in to EU information centre Worlds
・Difficulty accessing, sending, and receiving information from EU information centres

We’ll keep we updated as we find out more.

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