Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 trailer shows off Ivalice, new EX fight, mech PVP

Oh, and a pleasing Shigane housing district

Square Enix is giving us a brief showcase of Final Fantasy XIV: The Legend Returns (Patch 4.1) before a Oct 10 debut, and it looks flattering damn sweet. While many of these patch trailers are categorical questline focused, we do get a good demeanour during some-more prolonged tenure content, like a new dungeon, EX battle, a 24-person Ivalice raid, and even a brief glance during a Ultimate Savage encounter.

Square Enix has been solemnly upping their diversion when it comes to cave design, and the  new Shinryu EX quarrel looks even some-more considerable than a original. The same goes for a new mech-centric PVP mode, and a poetic Shirogane housing section that I’ll be visiting as shortly as a servers open (though I’ll be gripping my tiny home in Mist nearby a beach!).

Swimming has been mostly underutilized in XIV, though maybe it’ll have a time to gleam in destiny updates — cave formation and housing section frolicking is a good start.

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