Final Fantasy VII Remake in Development Hell: Report

Revealed during E3 2015 a Final Fantasy VII Remake wowed audiences with a sharp trailers. It had us cautiously optimistic of what to design from Square Enix. Reason being, it had nonetheless to broach on Final Fantasy XV, a diversion that was announced in 2006 and finally expelled in 2016 — after spending roughly a decade in growth ruin and it showed with a diversion receiving consistent updates and upgrades to strength out a story that many deemed as incomplete. It now appears that a Final Fantasy VII Remake might humour from a identical fate. The diversion was progressing in growth during CyberConnect2 — a Japanese studio obliged for a handful of titles formed on a Naruto anime series. It was changed behind to Square Enix as an inner plan in 2017. The reason for this it seems, is that CyberConnect2’s work was allegedly “unusable”.

According to Dan Tsukasa, a diversion developer and 3D artist operative in Japan, don’t design Final Fantasy VII Remake anytime soon.

“They [CyberConnect2] don’t have four years of work, they have two. The proclamation that Square was holding a diversion divided from CyberConnect2, they didn’t take it divided and continue it, they started it again given CyberConnect2’s work was usually so invalid and not distant adequate along, yet still distant adequate along that remaking it was faster than refactoring it… (it wasn’t in a good state during all),” he pronounced in a post on a Reddit thread deliberating Final Fantasy VII’s art direction.


“I’ll explain it this way. When has a association holding work divided from another association ever been a certain pointer of things? we know CyberConnect2’s work was unusable, I’ve worked with them before, we know their level. And i know they outsourced to ruin and behind in sequence to get things to a indicate we saw them publicly, and it still wasn’t adequate to save them,” he continued in another post.

When pulpy for his sources and if he knew anyone operative on Final Fantasy VII Remake, he had this to say:

“Yup, a a diversion attention in Tokyo, squares so immeasurable a singular to accommodate someone who doesn’t know anyone there.

I’m uncertain how to infer it though, we can’t get into any issues by observant what I’ve heard, or whats common believe in a attention here (the common believe being that a plan was taken from CC2 given it was so behind schedule), yet if we were to name anyone operative there, they’d get into difficulty for pity information, a same approach I’d get into difficulty if we common information about where we work.

So with that said, we can usually infer we work in a diversion attention in Japan, can’t infer who we do and don’t know.”

Tsukasa has deleted his Reddit and Twitter accounts given these posts. However they have been archived on renouned gaming forum ResetEra including those that advise that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Director, Tetsuya Nomura isn’t even operative on a game, focussing only on Kingdom Hearts 3. It was announced 5 years ago by Square Enix and is slated for a 2018 release.

As per Tsukasa, Nomura “is hardly ever there, he’s executive mostly in name alone. He spends a immeasurable infancy if his time in Osaka on Kingdom Hearts 3, as that’s where he lives, during a week during least.”

All of this points to a diversion that’s utterly presumably in growth hell. Tragic deliberation that for many, a strange Final Fantasy VII was a initial role-playing diversion for many. Perhaps Square Enix would strew some-more light on this during E3 2018? Till then, we’d rage expectations of what to design from a company.

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