Final Fantasy Versus XV Leaked, Will Be An Alternative Version Of Final Fantasy XV And More

Square Enix is nonetheless to announce a recover date for a initial part of Final Fantasy VII reconstitute and recently a ton of sum leaked suggesting that a initial part will be accessible by Mar 2019, and now Final Fantasy Versus XV has been leaked along with a ton of sum about a game.

Final Fantasy Versus XV has been leaked by a user on 4Chan claiming to be a developer during Square Enix who claims that Final Fantasy Versus XV will be a finish choice to 2016’s Final Fantasy XV and a events of Final Fantasy XV will be pragmatic to “have been zero some-more than a Noctis’ dream” and a game’s universe will be totally explorable.

  • Final Fantasy Versus XV will be a rebuild/retelling/alternative chronicle of Final Fantasy XV.
  •  The diversion will be set in an swap reality: a events in XV will be pragmatic to have been zero some-more than a Noctis’ dream (that’s because Noctis is shown sleeping on his throne).
  • The universe will be wholly explorable this time; remember a map indication shown in one trailer? That will be VersusXV’s universe map.

Furthermore, a trickle suggests that Final Fantasy Versus XV will underline cities that were creatively designed for Final Fantasy XV like Gralea, a dominion of Solheim, and collateral of Tenebrae.

  •  The tract will be totally rewritten from blemish and will underline all a elements Nomura wanted in it, like Stella, a “eyes that can see a light of failing souls”, a nation of Solheim and so on, while all associated to Kingsglaive will be totally removed.
  • The conflict complement will be approach some-more KH-like, though it will still keep all we’ve seen in FFXV like warp-strikes, counter/parry and so on. Also, there will be character-switching like shown in a progressing Versus-XIII trailers.
  • There will be a gambit-like complement to approach celebration member’s behavior.
  • New summons will be present, including Fenril, Phoenix, Odin, Alexander and a Magus Sisters. Ifrit, Bahamut and a Knights of a Round will be summonable this time.
  • Luna will not be present. Stella however will return, and will be a playable celebration member for roughly half of a whole game. Also, some sold missions concede we to use some guest impression (like Cor, Cindy, Aranea, and so on…) for a tiny duration of time.
  •  Etro will be a final boss. You’ll quarrel her in an sincerely fantastic final conflict desirous by FF7’s final boss.

Do we consider Final Fantasy Versus XV will be as good as Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in a comments.

Source: 4Chan

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