Final Fantasy 15’s Prompto VR Shooter Mode Won’t Be Released, Square Enix Confirms

While a VR mode for Final Fantasy XV is still on a approach in Monster of a Deep, a one creatively suggested final year will never see a light of day. Square Enix has reliable that a shooter-style demo shown off during E3 2016 will not be expelled to a public.

In a matter released to GameSpot, Square Enix stated, “Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience during E3 2016 was a record demo that we showcased. Since then, we have schooled most from a record and have leveraged a learnings from a Episode Prompto DLC. The outcome of that is a initial PlayStation VR title, Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV.” This news follows a news from Sirus Gaming, that settled that Square Enix announced a plan passed during a new PlayStation Experience eventuality in Malaysia.

VR Experience put players in a boots of Prompto, one of a categorical celebration members in Final Fantasy XV; it was suggested during E3 2016 in a trailer above. Prompto was shown wearing a PlayStation VR headset along with some brief glimpses during gameplay from a VR mode. It was radically a lightgun-style game, providing players with a first-person viewpoint as they glow Prompto’s guns during targets while station in one mark (though he could openly diverge around to opposite bound locations).

At a time, Square Enix pronounced it had skeleton to recover a mode, that would be supposing to those who owned Final Fantasy XV on PS4 during some indicate after a categorical game’s launch. “We aren’t meditative about selling it as a apart plan during all,” Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata told GameSpot during a time. “It unequivocally is something additional to be enjoyed by a people who purchased a game.”

“We’re meditative it’ll substantially be a DLC recover after for a game,” he continued. “It unequivocally is a core faith that we should prove a people who buy a diversion that we’ve done as most as possible; we also wish them to play for as prolonged as probable too so it unequivocally does assistance with that–gives them something extra.”

Final Fantasy XV has seen distant some-more support than a standard single-player Final Fantasy game. In further to a accumulation of free updates and premium DLC packs, Square Enix also skeleton to recover an refurbish introducing online multiplayer, that was on arrangement in two new beta tests. And, as remarkable above, there’s a VR spin-off mode in growth called Monster of a Deep that centers around fishing.

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