Final Fantasy 15’s Power Rangers-Like Outfits Launch Soon, Make You Invincible

Final Fantasy XV has no necessity of weird DLC items, from a barbarous Nissin Cup Noodle hat to an Afrojack-inspired sword. The game’s Jul refurbish will move nonetheless another: Power Rangers-like fight suits for Noctis and his entourage.

The Magitek Exosuits will be combined after this month as a giveaway update, Square Enix announced around Twitter. Donning a suits creates your celebration godlike for 30 minutes. However, a suits can usually be used once each 24 hours.

The strange pattern of a Magitek Exosuits
The strange pattern of a Magitek Exosuits

The Magitek Exosuits were creatively dictated to be expelled as partial of a game’s DLC Booster Pack in February. However, a costumes were delayed due to their apparent similarity to a ones ragged by a Power Rangers in a new film. To make adult for a delay, Square Enix will be charity a Magitek Exosuits for giveaway to all players with this month’s update. The publisher has pronounced a suits would be redesigned to serve compute them, nonetheless it hasn’t common any new images of costumes yet. You can see their strange pattern above, however.

Last month’s giveaway refurbish introduced a Regalia Type-D, an off-road customization choice for a party’s automobile that lets players leave a highway and expostulate anywhere. The most new DLC chapter for Final Fantasy XV, Episode Prompto, was also expelled final month. Unlike a categorical game, it is set in an arctic sourroundings and follows a eponymous Prompto as he fights to learn a law behind his origins. It also facilities third-person sharpened and snowmobile segments. A DLC part starring Ignis is slated to follow this holiday season.

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