Final Fantasy 15’s Multiplayer Expansion Delayed To November

Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion, Comrades, has been delayed. Announced around Twitter, a enlargement will be going live someday in November.

The expansion, that would concede players to make their possess avatars and go questing with friends online in Eos, was creatively set to launch on Oct 31. The check follows a hilly start to a beta in early August, that led to second beta proviso being added.

The initial beta was tormented by server issues, and the second beta was meant to repair matchmaking issues that were benefaction in a initial turn of a beta. Players could make an avatar and get some quests, though couldn’t get into a run to knowledge a content.

While a twitter claims a check is for some final adjustments, we can usually wish that a additional polishing time will work out all a kinks when it does finally launch. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is not a giveaway update. It will be accessible as partial of a title’s $25 deteriorate pass or for squeeze individually.

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