Final Fantasy 15’s Latest Update Adds Story Content To Chapter 12 …

Final Fantasy XV’s latest refurbish is finally live on Xbox One and PS4. In further to some tiny fixes and other additions, this updates drops in a sincerely critical story indicate about a Astral War.

Until now, this chronological eventuality is sidestepped in a categorical campaign. We know it happened, since most of a land in Lucis has scars from it, though we don’t unequivocally know what happened and why. One of a few approach references to a fight is a sidequest called “Aftermath of a Astral War” that sends we and your pals on a outing to take cinema of a Taelpar Crag.

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A new story eventuality that explains what led adult to a Astral War has been tacked onto section 12 in a categorical campaign. If you’ve already beaten a story, all we have to do is revisit a chapter. For those who haven’t, we might need to finish a story before we can entrance a additional content.

On tip of all of a new science combined to a story, a garland of other tiny fixes have been thrown into a mix. The second turn of a Moogle Chocobo Carnival has come to an end; no news on when it might open a doors in Altissia once more. Bugs have been bound in a Assassin’s Festival eventuality that is using until Jan 31, 2018. Two new fish have also been combined to a title.

For some-more Final Fantasy XV news, check out the story on it intensity to come to Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy XV is headed to PC subsequent year.

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