Final Fantasy 15 adds a giveaway crossover quest-line and Lara Croft’s outfit today

Mega-budget as it competence be, Final Fantasy 15 has always been calm to travel a possess road, so it’s not that uncanny that a latest cross-promo refurbish is with a diversion that doesn’t exist yet. In a big patch expelled today, Prince Noctis can event into a new journey with Sarah, protagonist of arriving mobile RPG Terra Wars. It’s being grown by Mistwalker, a group of ex-Square Enix folks. Those personification FF15’s online multiplayer can now also dress adult in Lara Croft’s iconic tomb-delving gear, and listen to some Tomb Raider marks on a radio in-game. Nifty.

This sold crossover strikes me as generally peculiar as Mistwalker have been by some severe times lately. While I’d gladly suggest their puzzle-strategy RPG Terra Battle to anyone with a complicated phone or tablet, a supplement – Terra Battle 2 – launched badly and never recovered, shutting down after only a few months. Still, someone during Square Enix has faith in Terra Wars (and I’m anticipating it works out good – we like Mistwalker), so here we go. The new query is accessible during some indicate in Chapter 5 of a categorical story, and takes Noctis and Sarah to a “new, puzzling world”.

Free updates like this one are only a tip of a iceberg. While a expelled PC chronicle of Final Fantasy XV on PC was a ‘definitive’ book with all a console version’s DLC included, Square Enix are gearing adult for a second deteriorate of episodic adventures. This time, revelation a story of several new characters and fluctuating a story in some new directions. It feels that a Terra Wars crossover competence be a warm-up practice for a organisation as they get prepared for their subsequent paid DLC release. You can see a full sum on this refurbish here.

The arriving DLC will let players control 3 new characters –  agreeable criminal Ardyn, veteran stabmeister Aranea Highwind, and a enchanting (and seldom-seen in a categorical story) Princess Lunafreya, before returning to Noctis for a fourth designed part heading to a new ending, branching off from a bizarre game’s story. I’m only blissful they’re giving me another forgive to come behind to a diversion – as bizarre as some of a pattern decisions competence have been, there’s zero else utterly FF15. The new DLC is due “2019” – a boys aren’t subsidy down.

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