Final Fantasy 14’s Moonfire Faire Event Returns Very Soon

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual summer eventuality is only around a corner. The Moonfire Faire earnings subsequent week, giving players a possibility to finish special limited-time quests and acquire disdainful summer-themed items.

The eventuality kicks off subsequent Monday, Aug 13, during 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET and is scheduled to run for scarcely dual full weeks, final during 7:59 PM PT / 10:59 PM ET on Sunday, Aug 26. During a Moonfire Faire, players will be means to get a special dash display and an collection of new wardrobe and other equipment for their impression and house. You can see a full list of them below.

  • Endless Summer Glasses (head gear)
  • Endless Summer Top (body gear)
  • Endless Summer Bottom (leg gear)
  • Endless Summer Sandals (feet gear)
  • Splash (emote)
  • Mosquito Moogle (tabletop item)
  • Curry Plate (tabletop item)

On tip of a new items, players will have another possibility to get their hands on some equipment from prior Moonfire Faires as well. During a event, a preference of comparison equipment will be accessible for squeeze during Moonfire Faire vendors. Square Enix hasn’t suggested that comparison equipment players will be means to get this time, nonetheless it’s expected that some of last year’s will be adult for purchase.

To attend in a Moonfire Faire, you’ll need to be during slightest turn 30 and pronounce to Mayaru Moyaru in a Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa to start a “Jump to a Beach” query and open a event. You can review some-more about this year’s Moonfire Faire on a central Final Fantasy XIV website.

Before a Moonfire Faire rolls around, players have a opposite special eventuality to embark on. Beginning Aug 7, Monster Hunter’s Rathalos will seem as a new enemy in Final Fantasy XIV. Players who are during slightest turn 70 and have finished a Stormblood expansion’s categorical debate will be means to take on a “New King on a Block Quest,” that will cap in a quarrel opposite a fearsome monster. Those who conduct to better it will be means to get Rathalos rigging and a Rathalos mount. You can review some-more about a Monster Hunter crossover eventuality here.

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