Final Fantasy 14 Introduces Companion App For Upcoming Patch 4.3

Over a weekend, a group during Square Enix behind Final Fantasy XIV charity adult a Letter from a Producer Live Part XLIII stream. This chronicle of a eventuality was all about a calm entrance to a diversion in a arriving Patch 4.3. The patch itself will lift a moniker Under a Moonlight, with a lapse to Doma and that region’s politics as a focus. It’s designed for a late May 2018 release.

The pivotal art for a new Patch.

The many engaging new serve for this patch will be a all-new Final Fantasy XIV Companion App for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, players can pointer into a app, select their primary character, and afterwards correlate with FFXIV from their mobile phones. The turn of communication is contingent on your devise type, as Square Enix is charity a delegate subscription for a app with additional features.

If you’re not subscribing to a app, a giveaway devise allows we to check your friends list, speak with your friends and giveaway association members, and report arriving in-game events. Players underneath a giveaway devise can also conduct their inventory, check a marketplace board, and buy and sell items. Finally, we have a choice to set adult another adored Aetheryte destination.

If we confirm that we wish to concede to a app, a Premium Plan will cost 500 yen (North American cost isn’t set yet, yet will expected be $4.99). Under a Premium Plan, players have a ability to conduct saddlebag and servant inventories. In addition, saddlebag ability is doubled and players can sinecure an additional retainer, bringing their sum adult to 10.

A provoke of a messenger app.

If you’re a visit user of a marketplace house or heavily into crafting, a Premium Plan is an interesting offer. Not usually do we get a ton some-more space to work with, we can conduct all of your stream register and post equipment to a Market Board true from your phone. Keeping lane of your auctions during work is where it’s at.

World of Warcraft has prolonged had a World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, that offers some of a same facilities as a Final Fantasy XIV Companion App. Players use it frequently for a Remote Auction House, vouchsafing them conduct auctions while on-the-go. Blizzard also introduced a apart messenger app for a Legion expansion, vouchsafing players conduct characters and universe quests. It’s good to see Square Enix bringing a choice to players of Final Fantasy XIV.

There is a slight obstacle however. As an inducement to use a app, Square Enix will be charity Kupo Nuts as a new daily login bonus, with Premium Plan subscribers removing an additional nut. Kupo Nuts will be used to compensate moogles for shopping equipment on a market. Players can also compensate for Moogle Coins, that concede players to moogles to buy equipment or place them on a marketplace board. It’s radically a mobile stamina system, like some of Square Enix’ other mobile titles. Useful, yet a bit annoying.

Heaven-on-High is a new chronicle of a Deep Dungeon.

Outside of a messenger app though, there’s still some-more to Patch 4.3. The categorical unfolding will be continued with serve quests, as will a Four Lords and Hildibrand scenarios. Stormblood will get a new array of Beast Tribe quests featuring a Namazu, with a concentration on crafting and entertainment jobs.

If you’re a soldier during heart, there’s a ton of new combat-related content. The Swallow’s Compass is a new Level 70 instanced dungeon, and a Return to Ivalice raid is behind with The Ridorana Lighthouse. Square Enix is earnest a new Trial separate to a Four Lords, with a analogous Extreme version. Finally, a Deep Dungeon is getting… deeper? Heaven-on-High is a high-end chronicle of a Deep Dungeon, requiring a Level 60 impression to enter. You can tackle it solo or adult to a celebration of 4; there are 100 floors accessible and floors 31 and adult are tuned for parties.

There’s some calm that is entrance in Patch 4.35 as well, including an enlargement of The Forbidden Land Eureka. The Pagos Expedition will offer new calm to a mode as promised. Square Enix also summarized a new Ultimate-level confront called The Minstrel’s Ballad: The Weapon’s Refrain.

Finally, Patch 4.3 will embody tweaks and adjustments to Dark Knight, Samurai, and Astrologian jobs, a new HUD for The Feast, a ability to retrieve equipment converted into glamours, and some-more Performance animations. Square Enix is also finally adding cross-world linkshells, gripping we connected with friends on other servers.

All in all, it’s a large refurbish to Final Fantasy XIV and we demeanour brazen to diving into it in May.

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