FFXIV: Best tanking category tier list – Patch 5.21

In Final Fantasy XIV 4 tanks are accessible now with unequivocally opposite operation of spells and playstyles. If we feel mislaid on that is now a best for daily use, or simply usually a best for we this beam is what we need.

Our ranking will be formed on personal knowledge from a author (that’s me) of:

  • Daily and infrequent usage
  • How tough is a category to play as a beginner
  • Fun

This tier list will not be formed on use during new raids and savage calm as we competence write a dedicated endgame tier list in a future!

Tanks Tier List for 5.21

Hey that’s edgy

You will be means to clear a Dark Knight during turn 50 and finally welcome your dim side! Dark horseman is a unequivocally versatile job, permitting we to tank unequivocally while not removing strike in a face too much. The enemy, on a other hand, will not suffer confronting you! With a vast row of attacks self means we will be means to punch tough while overcoming many of a enemies, even in vast groups. It is for me a best category to start having fun as a tank with a brew of complicated damage, means and cold looking animations (that’s critical too, we think).

When we like guns and blades

The Gunbreaker is a youngest hermit of a tank family, and he took all from his elders. While it’s a category that could be judged as harder to play it is unequivocally satisfying while being unequivocally strong. Gunbreaker focuses on dire a lot of buttons with unequivocally small downtime creation it a unequivocally active tank. With recovering for we or a group member, loads of defensive spells and good repairs Gunbreaker fits all a mandate of a good tank and does it unequivocally well! (Except for Superbolide, let’s not speak about that one).

The good guy

Paladin is a category starting turn 1 usually like a Warrior (we’re entrance to this one soon) and is a number one in a pure tanking field. Very easy to learn though utterly tough to master a Paladin uses a brew of attacks to request repairs over time on enemies and outrageous defenses buffs. With a reanimate in box of puncture and adequate slackening to make we consider he’s a tangible trainer of a avocation Paladin focuses on invulnerability and can be a small tedious to play accidentally outward of duties.

That’s a large axe

Big mattock for certain though a Warrior lacks a bit of all everywhere. In fact, a category can make a lot of repairs early in a diversion though is cursed with a bad aoe cone before after that can be appalling to conduct aggro in duties or roulettes. Emptying a sign we filled by spamming a same symbol is tighten to a usually automechanic we will have too, creation a soldier a scold tank if we like this kind of gameplay!

Now that we competence have a improved bargain of who does what, it’s critical to note that every tank and category in this diversion are viable and as prolonged as we have fun personification it, you’re doing it right!

We will gladly listen to any criticism or doubt we could have in a criticism territory next and would adore to see we again on a code new Final Fantasy XIV portal where we tell all a guides and news about Eorzea!

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