FF XIV Composer Masayoshi Soken on a Eorzean Symphony, Rage Against a Machine, and Mercy

Final Fantasy XIV boasts one of a many enthralling and desirous strange soundtracks in a whole series. Ask any FF XIV actor what they adore about a game, and we’d gamble a whole store of Carob Nuts that a strain is one of a initial things they wish to speak about.

Soon, a strain of Final Fantasy XIV will fill a LA atmosphere as a Eorzean Symphony comes to a Dolby Theater on Jun 15 and 16. You can find some-more information about a eventuality right here, yet for now, we entice we to suffer a demeanour into a mind of Soken-san himself. We picked his mind about what creates this unison array so special, and wanted to know what games he likes to play when he unwinds. Of course, we were tickled to genocide to learn that he plays Overwatch any singular night and, what’s better, he’s a Mercy main.

Check out a full talk below!

ComicBook: As we proceed a Eorzean Symphony in June, would we mind pity your favorite impulse or memory from a unison array final year? What done a biggest romantic impact on you?

Masayoshi Soken: we consider a passion of a concertgoers, a players, who attended a rope unison in Japan was intensely noted and romantic for me. Their power was such that a turn of acclaim after any square was totally opposite from what one would design from a standard rope concert. It was transparent that a performers in a rope could feel this intensity, and they reacted to that acclaim by any song. This acted like a snowball outcome where a appetite from any organisation was amplified with any successive piece—it was utterly a noted experience.

I was only off backstage during a performances, yet we could feel that communication between a performers and a audience—it was so relocating that we was utterly literally jolt as we listened. It unequivocally was a sheer sign of a good support entrance from all of a Final Fantasy XIV players.

As a musician and an artist, do we feel prouder when we hear your strain in a finished diversion for a initial time, or when we hear it played by a live rope in a vast gymnasium for an audience?

I am of march gratified when others are means to suffer listening to my works, yet we consider a biggest feeling of fulfilment comes when my assembly enjoys a finish “gameplay experience,” that includes both audio and visible aspects operative together.

I work in a diversion courtesy as a diversion creator: not an artist. The assembly competence not indispensably be changed simply by listening to my strain during a unison or a live performance; however, my strain has a ability to trigger any actor to remember their practice within a game, and they are changed or vehement by that memory. That is what I’m many unapproachable of.

In a game, it could be pronounced that a actor moves by a strain like they pierce by a environment. It is a critical partial of a experience, yet not a core of attention. Do we proceed compositions differently when they’re meant to be played live, as a core of attention, or does that not impact your process during all?


In formulating my music, my solitary concentration is to exercise sounds that make for a best gameplay experience. Even in an arrangement square that is dictated for live performance—where a sound is a core of attention—I concentration on how we can move behind a memories of any player’s gameplay knowledge as we arrange a track. we contend this since even in a concert, a genuine star of a uncover is a knowledge of a audience. Therefore, we am clever to make certain that a strange diversion calm can be famous right divided when one hears a arrangement.

For example, when arranging a strain for a rope concert, if a strain is to be played dual times in a loop, we will make certain that when it is played a initial time a strain will be unequivocally tighten to a strange in-game song. The second time is when we uncover some-more extent in a arrangement—it is a possibility to uncover what we can do in terms of changing a sense this strain can offer to a listener.

I take any player’s gameplay knowledge unequivocally seriously, as I’m a gamer, too. My priority is to reconstruct a players’ knowledge by sound. In other words, we compensate clever courtesy to equivocate formulating an rope arrangement that is vastly opposite from a in-game songs from a start, as this would deter from my ultimate goal.

What do we do when we are in need of inspiration? Do we have any favorite locations, or singular rituals that fill your mind with music?

Honestly, we take impulse from anything any everything. we find vital impulse by my daily life—I wouldn’t contend we have a singular protocol or anything. we also mostly demeanour to see actor feedback directly by amicable media, and that’s another good approach to find proclivity as well! I’ve listened that some artists go out of their approach to go on some kind of tour to get inspiration, yet privately we get my fill of journeys by personification games (laughs).

What’s your personal favorite combination being achieved this year, and because does it meant so most to you?

Let me see… If we had to select something from Eorzean Symphony, I’d contend Torn from a Heavens. This strain left a clever impact on me, as it was a strain that we combined in an bid to assistance move Final Fantasy XIV behind from a inlet it had fell to during a initial launch, as good as inspire a whole growth group to pull forward.

Name one book, one strain album, and one diversion that you’ve unequivocally enjoyed so distant this year.

I’m not unequivocally lustful of printed content and don’t review many books, yet we adore looking adult information about a healthy laws of a universe—I mostly review articles from a biography Nature online.


In terms of favorite music, we competence have listened me discuss this in prior interviews, yet we adore Rage Against a Machine! we consider we contend that any time, though, so if we were to collect another rope we select Pennywise!

As for a game, we of march play Final Fantasy XIV, yet another pretension I’m into is Overwatch. we play it any singular night, but removing bored, roughly like a monkey. By a way, we purchased a pinkish Mercy skin a present that it became available!

You’re also celebrating a launch of The Primals’ entrance album. What can fans design from these 18 tracks?

To put it simply, we competence notice that we’re stepping on a gas pedal only a bit harder than normal! Got to watch a speed!


Thank we for responding a questions! We wish we renewed impulse and fulfilling countenance this year!

Thank you! The Stormblood soundtrack will be expelled unequivocally soon, so stay tuned!

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