Few More Good Smile Company Products Revealed During WonHobby

There was a lot of news expelled in terms of collectible total usually a other day. Now, a few some-more video diversion characters are receiving several total for fans to own. At WonHobby, Good Smile Company suggested so many we usually couldn’t fit them all in one post, so here are a rest!


Sakura- The Fire Emblem array has been around for many years though latest title, Fire Emblem Fates, is gripping a recognition in full swing. And interjection to that, characters like Sakura get to her possess Nendoroid figure. She is bashful and simply intimidated though that doesn’t stop her from jumping into battle. The object is suggested to be in a antecedent theatre though shows her holding a staff and is prepared to use her skills to assist players. No word on recover has been given though Fire Emblem fans have something to demeanour brazen to.

Chap- Not many Western gamers will have listened of Chap. He is a categorical impression from The Snack World: Trejarers that was expelled on a 3DS usually in Japan. It is an RPG featuring heated battles and a crowd of weapons. The Nendoroid is really darling though he’s a lovable child to start with. Chap is shown with several equipment including a sword that competence be removable, no word on that as of yet. There is a mobile diversion of Snack World presumably releasing in 2018 that could coincide with a figure’s arrival!


Mercedes- She is a small Fairy Queen from Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. The movement RPG pretension was expelled final year that we found to be a pretty great game. Mercedes is one of a categorical characters and is really accessible with a Riblam. This sold figure comes from a Phat! line of PVC models. You can see impassioned fact and craftsmanship that has been put into each  inch of her. Transparent wings, highlighted hair and some-more gives her a pleasing design. Even a enclosed mount facilities rippled water, blades of weed and a mossy log. It will positively fetch a high cost to have such a pleasing Mercedes collectible.


Kasumi- This final product is a bit of poser during a moment. All we have to go on is a conformation teaser picture of Kasumi from Dead or Alive. But there is no approach to tell if it will even demeanour that approach though it creates clarity given prior versions of a impression are also shown in this pose. Perhaps this new one will come in a opposite colored outfit as it is meant to be from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. There are many costumes to select from in Last Round compared to prior games. But fans can pre-order a re-release of Kasumi’s 2004 figure, either or not they are a same stays to be seen. Chances are high given it patrician renewal, improved collect one adult usually in case!

This competence interpretation a proclamation done during WonHobby. With so many franchises and video games out there, we could see something new cocktail adult with in a subsequent integrate of days. There is no revelation what to design besides a images above. Stay tuned for updates and some-more collectibles to be revealed.

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