Ferrari 599XX, Jaguar XJ220 And Others Up For Grabs In Latest Forzathon

Obviously, we’d all like to see some new cars, though with no new automobile container for FH3 this month and a lot of concentration on Forza Motorsport 7 (which comes out on a 3 October), we’ll have to wait a small while.

But, that still doesn’t meant it isn’t value doing July’s Forzathon challenges. There are some epic cars to win – including a 2010 Ferrari 599XX and 2016 Lykan Hypersport.

The initial eventuality of a month began on a 4 Jul and runs by to Monday (the 10 July), and is called ‘Let Freedom Ring’. It’s all to applaud Independence Day in a US.

Complete 3 races in classical flesh cars and you’ll win a 1970 Chevelle Super Sport Horizon Edition and 50,000 credits. Then, if we do 20 Ultimate Air Skills, you’ll clear a Ferrari F99XX (which was in a Forzathon in February).

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