Fear a Walking Dead’s New Showrunners Reveal What Led Up to [Spoiler]’s ‘Emotional’ Demise

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s intolerable Fear a Walking Dead.

With rumors swirling that Fear a Walking Dead’s Madison is a goner and viewers only don’t know it yet, a AMC drama pulled a quick one with Sunday’s “Good Out Here” by carrying immature Charlie fatally fire Nick to revenge his murder of Ennis, one of her mean father figures. (And only when it looked as if Nick and Morgan were during a commencement of a pleasing friendship, too!) Here to explain to TVLine given Madison’s son had to flog a bucket, as good as spirit during a heroine’s predestine in a show’s auspiciously-started Season 4, are new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

TVLINE | How did we arrive during a preference to kill off Nick?
| Frank [Dillane] indeed had approached AMC and a producers during Season 3, seeking to leave so he could pursue other projects. So it was indeed in a works before we came on board, and it was one of a initial things we were tasked with as we were mapping out a season. Our proceed to it was anticipating a many romantic approach to give Nick a send-off that would unequivocally impact a story relocating forward. And it was something we worked closely with Frank on. It was critical to him to give Nick a send-off that respected who a impression had been and kind of a probability of where he competence have gone.

TVLINE | I suspicion it was quite heartless to have Charlie kill Nick, given a soothing mark that he’s always had for kids.
| Nick does have a difficult attribute with Charlie. Even yet they had not spent a lot of time together in a stadium, he came to feel a bit like her comparison brother. There was a bond there, so it harm him unequivocally many when he satisfied she was with a Vultures. Also, for Charlie, she’s arrange of an waif of a apocalypse. The Vultures are her family, so when she shoots Nick, that’s not her being a villain. Ennis to her was like family. So it was romantic for her to remove someone that close. It’s difficult on all sides.

fear a walking passed deteriorate 4 part 3 scrape dies straightforward dillane leavingTVLINE | What does Nick’s genocide do to Morgan? Both of them concurred that Morgan could have kept Nick from murdering Ennis if he’d wanted to.
Morgan is unequivocally going to lift a clarity of shortcoming going forward. He left [The Walking Dead’s] Heaps in a premiere wanting to besiege himself, given he feared that removing tighten to people would open him adult to feeling a pain of loss, that he feared competence expostulate him down a trail to losing his mind again. So he suspicion he’d found a approach to live his life, that was radically to put his walls up. He suspicion that would strengthen people and strengthen himself many of all. But this is unequivocally an part where he kind of schooled a cost of isolating himself. In that moment, as we said, Nick said, “You could stop me if we wanted to.” It was roughly like Nick was anticipating he would stop him, yet Morgan didn’t, given he was some-more endangered with safeguarding himself. And ironically, given of that, Nick wound adult losing his life, and that’s something that Morgan’s going to have to lift going forward.

TVLINE | As I’m certain we know, fans are fearful that Madison is passed given she wasn’t with Nick, Alicia, Lucy and Strand when they met Al, John and Morgan. But TV proof dictates that given one strange expel member was only killed off, a rest are substantially protected for a while. What do we contend to that?
| We would contend — and this arrange of speaks to Nick’s death, too, even yet he died in this part — that there is still some-more story to tell in a twin narratives that we’re telling. We don’t wish to give divided anything that’s coming, yet there’s unequivocally a lot some-more story to tell in a flashback.

fear a walking passed deteriorate 4 part 3 scrape dies straightforward dillane leavingTVLINE | Is it protected to assume that Ennis’ murder will feverishness adult a cold fight that’s been going on between a solid denizens and a Vultures?
| we would only contend there’s a lot some-more story to tell with a Vultures. Ennis’ genocide is not a final we will see of them.
CHAMBLISS | Also, Nick’s genocide and Ennis’ genocide unequivocally do offer as a probable branch point. This could be a thing that creates Alicia, Strand and Luciana comprehend that whatever their dim goal is competence not finish a approach that they wish it to. This might be a wake-up call. Then again, it could go a other way. Those are questions that they’re going to be struggling with going forward.

OK, readers — your turn. What did we consider of “Good Out Here”? Were we astounded that Nick was killed — and that Charlie did it? Hit a comments.

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