Father Asks Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto To Give Daughter A Special Holiday Message

Robbie Daymond, a voice behind Prompto from Final Fantasy XV, helped make one small girl’s Christmas additional special by recording a personalized nod for her as one of her favorite characters.

Euphrates’ father had originally asked a voice actor what his rate would be to record a message, though rather than quote him, Daymond simply sent him a recording a few days later.



“Hey Frankie!! Here is a special X-mas summary for your daughter! Hope she enjoys it. Cheers!” review a email from Daymond. In the summary itself, a Prompto wishes Eurphates a “very happy Christmas” before singing a small bit of a Final Fantasy pushing churned with Jingle Bells.

“She’s positively in adore with Prompto and is always quoting him and shouting during anything he says” pronounced a girl’s father. “FFXV is a initial diversion that has managed to lift her divided from games like Minecraft and Roblox, that i find to be amazing.”


He even went so distant as to share cinema of her reaction to conference a message, that he played for her while she was messing around inside of a PSVR headset. “She giggled and laughed…but found out she was stealing her tears underneath that VR visor.”

Daymond has been doing voices for video diversion and charcterised characters for over a decade now, with SwaySway from Breadwinners and twins Evan and Myles from Transformers: Rescue Bots as some of his some-more new and important roles. Daymond also voices Tuxedo Mask for a new 2014 English dub of Sailor Moon.


But Prompto has fast turn one of his some-more iconic characters. Final Fantasy has always had a some-more contented and lively expel members, like Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII or Zell from Final Fantasy VIII, though few from a epoch of uttered characters have been as desirable as Prompto, or had such a fleshed out backstory. Among his some-more important exploits in a diversion is convincing Noctis and association to take a mangle from pushing their automobile around to go have fun with some chocobos, a ideal embellishment for all he brings to a four-way bromance.

Of course, he’s also a group’s photographer, documenting their tour with some great snapshots of vehement moments.

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