Fantasy Football: 10 Lessons Learned in Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of Lessons Learned! In this article, we mangle down 10 critical takeaways from a before week in anticipation football, and what they could meant for your lineups relocating forward.

If we schooled anything from Week 8 that we cruise we should know, send us a criticism or fire me a twitter @FantasySensei! Without serve ado, let’s dive into a anticipation classroom.

1. Cam Newton is Fully Entrenched in a Stud Tier

In a stream QB landscape, there are a really tiny handful of quarterbacks we would cruise must-starts regardless of matchup. Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady … and Cam Newton. Cam is sensitively carrying one of his best seasons as a passer, while stability to supplement 5+ anticipation points on a belligerent each week, with an occasional additional touchdown.

Cam valid it on Sunday when he shellacked a chosen Ravens invulnerability for 32 anticipation points in 6-point per flitting TD formats. And he’s overtly valid it all season, with his 13-4 TD-INT ratio, league-leading 309 rushing yards, and a 97.4 passer rating that’s second-best in his career to usually a MVP deteriorate in 2015. we cruise Cam is a dark-horse claimant to win MVP again, and we should cruise him a anticipation MVP during a really least.

2. The Dolphins Run D Is Good RB Medicine

A week after a Dolphins healed a Detroit Lions of their impassioned allergy to Kerryon Johnson (who piled adult 158 rushing yards on 19 carries), they were kind of adequate to reanimate Lamar Miller of a box of oldbusteditis in Week 8. Miller totaled 133 rushing yards — his tip sum in over dual calendar years — and scored his second touchdown (in dual weeks).

While there’s something to be pronounced for Miller himself, a Dolphins have also authorised 100+ struggle yards to Tarik Cohen, Joe Mixon, Sony Michel, James White, and Dion Lewis over a march of a season. That’s 7 backs in 8 games. Only a Lions and Chiefs are permitting some-more struggle yards per diversion to using backs and usually 3 teams have authorised some-more than a 10 TDs a Dolphins have coughed adult to RBs. For subsequent week, this means I’m peaceful to start Isaiah Crowell, and I’m not opposite to Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, or LeSean McCoy in a weeks after.

3. David Moore is Actually a Thing

When Seahawks far-reaching receiver David Moore held a span of touchdowns in Week 5, we all chuckled during a flukiness of fantasy. When he scored again in Week 6, we stopped chuckling and constructed a common “dismissive equine sound” (you know, a one where we blow by flappy lips as if to contend “yeah, right”). But afterwards he did it again this week entrance off a bye and combined 97 receiving yards to boot.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Then a Seahawks expelled Brandon Marshall. Listen people, Russell Wilson is entering second-half Russell Wilson form, a pretentious philharmonic usually outshone by Ryan Fitzpatrick in post-game press conferences. Doug Baldwin is strangely nonexistent, Tyler Lockett is what he is, and David Moore is now a many inclusive anticipation receiver in Seattle. While we shouldn’t design WR1 numbers rest of season, he is a contingency possess commodity during this point, and I’d cruise flexing him in usually about each matchup on a Seahawks slate, generally in non-PPR.

4. Ryan Fitzpatrick is Real Magic

Dynasty owners of former No. 1 breeze collect Jameis Winston substantially cried themselves to nap on Sunday night (and by probably, we meant that we did it) after a 24-year-old threw 4 horrific interceptions and was summarily benched. Everyone else enjoyed a smashing night’s nap filled with dreams of Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing touchdown passes to players on a moon while roving an armored bear.

Seriously, after Winston dug a Bucs into an 18-point hole late in a 3rd quarter, Fitzpatrick came resounding in, threw a span of touchdowns to Mike Evans and O.J. Howard, and managed to tie a diversion before a invulnerability gave adult a last-second margin goal. Fitzpatrick is now a bonafide starter relocating forward, that we trust is good news for all Tampa Bay pass-catchers. He is a maniacal, gunslinging hurricane of a man, and we for one will suffer examination him work his Fitzmagic all over a margin and a anticipation landscape in a entrance weeks.

5. Sammy Watkins Can Still Play Football

We few, we happy few. We rope of Sammy Watkins truthers. (If we got that reference, props to we for meaningful your Shakespeare). It took a groin damage to Tyreek Hill, though we finally saw what Sammy Watkins can do with a correct WR1 aim share in Week 8. Namely, 8 catches on 9 targets for 107 yards and 2 touchdowns.

We’re not 100% certain during this indicate what to design with courtesy to Hill’s injury. But if a Chiefs are smart, they’ll take it delayed with Tyreek and awaken him behind to 110%, rather than forcing a emanate and worsening a injury. That could give Sammy another integrate weeks to showcase his stuff, and potentially acquire a some-more legitimate purpose in this offense. Hill and Travis Kelce will still get theirs when healthy, though if Watkins can spin a 1C he’s able of being, it will meant arguable startability for anticipation purposes.

6. R.I.P. Jordan Reed

It’s still Halloween while I’m essay this, so we feel a dark thesis is somewhat suitable for Mr. Reed. Sadly, it appears that when Jordan mislaid his toes, he also mislaid several steps. Coincidence? we cruise not.

But seriously, we saw a target-splosion for Reed in Week 6, as Alex Smith peppered him to a balance of 12 targets for 7 receptions … and 38 yards. Reed’s best diversion this deteriorate was a doozy of a 65-yarder behind in Week 3. All a risk-takers who drafted Reed in hopes he could stay healthy have been rewarded with accurately that, and usually about zero else. Unless you’re in a full PPR league, Reed is outward a tip 12 looking in, and even in PPR, he’s capped as a low-upside whoop-dee-doo option.

7. Baby Hands are Back in Vogue

For those of we who don’t get this peculiar reference, we am vocalization of a one and usually Jack “Baby Hands” Doyle, who’s small grabbers snagged 6 receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown in his lapse from a hip injury.

Interestingly enough, Eric Ebron still hauled in another TD, and a Colts third parsimonious end, Mo Alie-Cox, done it a three-peat. Consider that had never happened given a 1970 NFL merger, we cruise it’s protected to assume this is mostly a 1A/1B conditions with Doyle and Ebron. The Colts have used dual parsimonious ends to good success before, so don’t be astounded to see a decent separate relocating forward. That said, Doyle was a transparent personality in snaps final week, and will be a some-more arguable and prolific choice many weeks, generally in PPR scoring.

Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire around Getty Images

8. Doug Martin and Jalen Richard Are Who We Thought They Were

But don’t let them off a hook. Both can be serviceable anticipation resources if played correctly. In Sunday’s diversion opposite a Colts, Martin led a group (by a mile) with 13 carries, and looked like a Muscle Hamster of old, totaling 72 rushing yards and adding 17 receiving yards on 2 catches. Meanwhile, Richard usually saw 2 carries (for 14 yards) though held all 8 of his targets for 50 receiving yards.

Until proven otherwise, Martin is a decent start in any diversion we design a Raiders to contest in (namely, today’s Thursday Night Football matchup opposite a 49ers, Week 11 vs a Cardinals, and Week 16 vs a Broncos). Richard, on a other hand, should be a PPR timber in a capillary of recent-years Duke Johnson, generally in games we design a Raiders to remove handily (namely, each other diversion on their schedule).

9. Byron Leftwich is Good for DJ and Fitzy

In his initial diversion as OC after a banishment of Mike McCoy, Byron Leftwich got 100 struggle yards from David Johnson and 102 yards and a touchdown from Larry Fitzgerald. It still wasn’t a 30-point dermatitis we’re yearning to see from DJ, though it was enlivening to see him obstacle 4 receptions for 41 yards.

Meanwhile, Larry Fitz saw a season-high in targets (12) and incited them into deteriorate highs in receptions and yards. We listened whispers from Leftwich that Fitz would get some-more involved, so saying it manifest in a singular week was a good sign. Keep your eyes on a prolongation relocating forward, though I’m peaceful to buy low on both these players if I’m creation a playoff push.

10. It’s Aaron Jones SZN

After muddling about with a less-explosive Jamaal Williams for weeks, Mike McCarthy finally gave a bucket to Aaron Jones in Week 8. Jones shouldered 12 of a team’s 19 rush attempts, his initial incursion above 60% of a carries this season. Crucially, he incited those carries into 86 yards and a touchdown.

As if that wasn’t enough, a Packers immediately went and traded Ty Montgomery for a 2-day-old ham sandwich. With Aaron Rodgers on his side and a fasten on his side, Aaron Jones is finally moulding adult into a Packers RB1 many had projected him to be. Now a doubt is either he can spin that purpose into anticipation goodness. My expectancy is that he can, starting in Week 9 opposite a Patriots.

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