Fan-Made ‘Pokemon Go’ Site Aims to Make It Easier to Find Legendary Pokemon

GymHuntr, a fan-made, community-run site that marks a locations of Gyms in Pokemon Go, launched a new underline now that might make it easier for users to find Legendary Pokemon.

The site will now uncover users a plcae of Raid Battles, display all Pokemon now benefaction during a sole gym. This means, of course, if a mythological Pokemon is during a gym, you’ll be means to see it regulating GymHuntr. Sure, this takes divided from a indicate of Pokemon Go — to go on mini-adventures looking for new Pokemon — though it does make anticipating singular slot monsters many some-more accessible for those so inclined.

As of right now, Articuno and Lugia are a usually dual mythological Pokemon available, with Articuno usually accessible until Jul 31. Next week, Moltres and Zapods will be accessible in Raid Battles for one week.

Looking during a GymHuntr map, raids are distant by dual colored-timers. Those in orange are raids now happening, those in pinkish are raids function soon. Aside from that, a map shows a plcae of Gyms, that teams control them and that Pokemon are there.

GymHuntr is only one of many Pokemaps a game’s village has combined in an bid to make anticipating inestimable Pokemon easier. Among a many renouned is Pokehuntr, by a same creators as Gymhuntr and operative many a same way, that shows a plcae of Pokemon around we by typing in your location.

Pokemon Go has been in some prohibited H2O recently, as last week’s Pokemon Go Fest, a sole out eventuality hold in Chicago’s Grant Park, was a flattering disorderly disaster. Connectivity issues caused a estimated 20,000 attendees to not be means to entrance a diversion they had trafficked to celebrate, heading developer Niantic to emanate full refunds. 

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