Fallout 4 Wins Best Game of a Year during BAFTA Game Awards; Other Winners Revealed

Fallout 4 positively has reached new heights with a new fame to supplement to a persisting success of a fourth title. Given that it has been around a few months, a fans of a array can now take honour in what a latest installment can move to a table.

According to The Guardian, a recently resolved British Academy of Film and Television Awards, differently famous as BAFTA, collected a series of games to be rated accordingly and one being a hero to announce Best Game in 2016. Bethesda politely brought home a bullion as Fallout 4 was postulated a prestigious award, battling alongside a series of other hard-hitting competitors.

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As per BBC, a other important opponents that went head-to-head with Fallout 4 embody Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Everybody’s Gone to a Rapture, Life is Strange, Rocket League and 2015’s Game of a Year winner, The Witcher 3. Sadly, however, The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were left vale as conjunction one took an award, even after being nominated within a many categories.

It was remarkable by VG247 that a many categories gave many other games a time to shine, such as for a difficulty of Best Game Design, that was taken by Bloodborne, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Family Game and Best Sports Game owned by Rocket League, Best Story won by Life is Strange and Most Persistent Game acquired by Prison Architect.

There are also other some-more different categories such as Best Game Performer that was awarded to Merle Dandridge that played Kate Collins in Everybody’s Gone to a Rapture; that also won Best Music, Original Property given to Until Dawn, Best British Game bestowed to Batman Arkham Knight and Best Debut Game to Her Story.

There were a few handful other awards that were achieved by a bucket some-more other games. The well-deserved crown, however, still went to Bethesda’s masterpiece, Fallout 4. Stay tuned for some-more news on a really flashy pretension by Bethesda and a arriving downloadable calm updates. 

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