Exploring one of No Man’s Sky’s new fake planets

I’ve been production around No Man’s Sky a bit given a final update, mostly drifting exploration, jumping from solar complement to solar complement and alighting to collect adequate plants and rocks to burst to more. I’ve been low on Thamium9, a gunk used with antimatter to qualification diverge cells, that we can never seem to find a vast supply of. Thamium9 appears in sparse plants in tiny amounts that need to be hand-picked, and also in certain asteroids, yet we always seem to be uninformed out. The wiki informs me a good place to demeanour is on empty planets, so I’ve been gripping an eye out for one.

While scanning a gray, apart world called Elfannovi Umvel, that is described as an airless planet, we comprehend we can faintly make out what looks like a array of hexagons covering a surface. If it weren’t for a object glinting off a hexes, we competence not have even noticed.

I burst toward it and a closer we get a improved we can see this this isn’t usually a customary world (well, any world is procedurally generated, so technically they’re any singular and so not typical, yet we get what I’m saying.) I’ve found one of No Man’s Sky’s new biomes. The vast hexes give proceed to smaller and smaller ones as we proceed and enter a atmosphere. It kind of looks like a world is lonesome in solar panels.

Landing and erratic around, we don’t see any signs of activity over a common sentinels solemnly hovering around behaving their waste avocation of interlude players from fast entertainment rocks so they can get behind to carrying fun. The fake plants, when scanned, are categorized as flora, and there are spasmodic some hovering, solemnly spinning hexes done of iron that can be harvested as good (there are also a few customary visitor plants here and there). 

One thing of note is that scanning a fake plants and hexes doesn’t compensate we credits a proceed scanning organic plants and creatures does. I’m not certain if that’s an engaging fact or usually a bug. I’m feeling certain currently so I’m going to go with interesting.

Flying over a planet’s surface, my scanner picks adult positively zero for prolonged minutes, and we don’t see a common powdering of outposts, crashed ships, denunciation stones, monoliths, or anything else that requires investigation. Eventually, though, after alighting to take a walk, we mark something in a distance. It’s a structure, a vast and lead solemnly spinning circle.

It turns out to be a terminal, that when activated, gives me a drizzling of text. After holding off again, we start anticipating these terminals all over a planet. Most don’t uncover adult in scans, yet carrying found a initial one they turn easy to spot.

They appear, for a many part, to be an AI that has been bustling introspective several scenarios, and many of a content sounds like wargame simulations (one describes a suppositious dispute between a Gek and Vy’keen). Sometimes a content has something to do with me (or you), a traveler, and some are musings about Atlas, life, and death. The planet, or whatever this is, appears to have had a lot of time to think.

One mystery, maybe a many critical one, we solved myself: yes, we can fly your boat by a rings. They don’t ride we anywhere, yet drifting a spaceship by a vast steel visitor ring is still cold and if we had my possess spaceship we would really do it as mostly as we could.

Another thing we discovered: during one indicate we landed nearby a depot and found it was located subsequent to a tiny cave. The cave’s interior didn’t seem fake during all: it was hilly with ‘tites and ‘mites and a common procedurally generated clumps of visitor plant life. So, it appears this world isn’t wholly fake during all, yet usually lonesome by a covering of fake hexes.

I spent a integrate hours usually zooming around a planet, looking for some-more clues about what any of this means, and found substantially a dozen or so terminals, always accompanied by deceptive content briefings, save beacons, and rob crates, yet that’s about it. I’m a small unhappy there weren’t fake creatures on a world as well: some of those visitor tigers with deer legs and cow heads and bird wings, usually assembled from cables and solar panels, competence have been cold to find. If you’ve found anything engaging on a conjuration planet, I’d adore to hear about it in a comments!

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