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I’ve done no tip of my adore for Dishonored 2. Those who played a initial diversion when it came out, though, got a vital provide and a ubiquitous boost to their knowledge personification a sequel. This came from removing to play a DLC for a strange Dishonored as it came out rather than after a fact.

Of course, though, with a 2-part DLC story container for Dishonored that was desired and reputable by a fans, it stands to reason that Dishonored 2 will get a same treatment. After Bethesda’s proclamation progressing currently that they will be carrying nonetheless another showcase during E3, Dishonored fans everywhere had a same thought: some-more calm for us, please.

But where Dishonored was developed with intensity as to where and how they could serve try a story (an murderer who was constituent to a tract was still alive and unaccounted for), things are a small reduction transparent in Dishonored 2. The categorical knave is decidedly defeated, and those who helped her possibly passed or detained, depending on how we played. So where to go? Let’s try who we could play as and who we could play against.

Potential Protagonists

Emily Kaldwin. Just removing a apparent out of a way, Empress Kaldwin could simply lapse as a protagonist for any intensity story DLC. She was positively a best proceed to play Dishonored 2, and, while her arc of anticipating out a dim side of energy and training to conclude a critical purpose a climax plays in statute for a people, there will always be some-more threats to a climax (we’ll go over that in a bit).

It would also be engaging to see Arkane Studios double down on a some-more high-chaos ending, maybe with Emily Kaldwin seeking to plague all Delilah supporters. That would positively get her into some-more trouble.

Billie Lurk. *SPOILER ALERT* With Meghan Foster finally suggested as Billie Lurk usually before a finish of Dishonored 2, that opens adult a whole new can of worms prepared to explore. With Daud still alive, he and Billie are due to reunite. Plus, it would be good to get a some-more full scrutiny of Billie, as opposite to everybody else’s perspective of her.

Now, Billie’s powers are something of an issue. She had singular powers, including teleportation, that is great, though she mislaid those powers when she left a side of Daud. With Billie being a many expected choice for a protagonist of any successive DLC, we don’t consider Bethesda will make it so we have to play but powers. Perhaps Billie reunites with Daud and finds out how to make it some-more permanent, or Billie gets noted by a outsider.

One thing, there is a proceed to play Dishonored 2 and get Billie’s arm back, so that will substantially be a criterion ending. The good news is that no other finale changes a predestine of Billie (unless we kill her). She will, no matter what, go off to find Daud.

Potential Villains

Breanna Ashworth. One of a pivotal pieces to Dellilah’s manoeuvre of a Kaldwin Throne, Ashworth was clearly dealt with in a non-lethal proceed of Dishonored 2, where we took all of her powers. But maybe, she found a proceed to get them back, as witches are cannot to do.

Maybe, futher, a newly emboldened Breanna Ashworth will find punish on Emily Kaldwin for defeating Delilah, who might or might not be Breanna’s lover. Even if she isn’t a foe, herself, a better of Delilah could enthuse Breanna to harmonise another try opposite Emily.

Billie Lurk. “Wait, what?” we did contend it would be good if Bethesda doubled down on Dishonored 2‘s reduction confident endings. What if it’s criterion that Emily deserted Billie, job her a monster. Then, Billie reunites with Daud to get her powers back, usually to come behind opposite Emily for one some-more shot.

While this would positively dissapoint fans, I’m kind of a fan of a tortured knave trope, someone who turns to mean actions as a proceed of coping with unsuited inner detriments. Billie could, with a few twists, positively fit that description.

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