Executing a Successful Expansion

Things didn’t accurately go according to devise with Arie Nol Auto Center’s dual critical expansions.

The initial blow was dealt by a shop’s home city of Kentwood, Mich., whose painting cabinet pronounced a emporium indispensable to purify adult a volume of cars in a lot, as it didn’t fit in with a rest of a a city’s look. Owner Jeff Nol and his wife, Debbie, finished adult purchasing a home subsequent to a shop, expanding a trickery by 5 bays and one technician so they could start relocating some-more cars out of a lot and into a emporium itself.

The second enlargement was designed as they combined a new building and stretched to 7 bays. This occured right before a 2008 recession, that put their operations in flux, and forced them to marketplace creatively to keep their business afloat.

Nol says he was means to get by a dual expansions with assistance from his mother and son, and has seen sales per brook boost by 8 percent given a final expansion. Nol and his son might take a subsequent step with nonetheless another enlargement in a arriving years.  

That “leap of faith” he took to make those dual expansions work for his business is accurately what Ryan Flanagan, a digital selling coordinator from NAPA AutoCare headquarters, voiced in his 2017 Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Award assignment of Nol. By adding an additional 4 bays to a emporium and contracting some-more patron use staff and technicians, Nol was means to grow his business.

The husband-and-wife group give a tip 3 keys they wish they knew about expanding their business.


1. Hire Professionals.

When expanding your business, a Nols contend it’s critical to find professionals who can govern all exquisitely and hoop any bumps in a road. There are 3 positions that Nol says are critical to hire:

  • Have a correct law organisation behind we to get by any authorised issues that cocktail up.

  • Have a good landowner who is peaceful to pierce equipment around to fit your enlargement budget.

  • Have an gifted builder who is entirely on house with your skeleton and knows what’s going on.

Nol says we need to have a indicate where we and all 3 of these people lay down and go over a diversion plan, to make certain everybody is on a same page.

“It’s super certain conference from your profession and CPA revelation we that we might be holding these outrageous loans, though it’s going to work,” Nol says. “You need that certain encouragement.”


2. Get Employees on Board.

Another critical tip is to make certain we explain what’s function to your employees and that they’re on house with a decisions you’re making. This means explaining a enlargement in a entirety, and explaining any staffing changes you’re going to make, and because these are being made.

When it comes to employing new employees, Nol says he creates certain to sinecure people with identical characteristics as past successful hires. He also creates certain to have intensity employees accommodate with a ones he has now.

“Employees are now unequivocally on board, generally with a second one,” Nol says.


3. Have Faith.

Having faith in your process, and creation certain things will work out is a best approach to get by variable hardships, generally a ones that a Nols faced. Faith in his business, and faith in God and a concentration on a incomparable viewpoint were both critical aspects to Nol’s expansion.

The lessons they schooled from a initial enlargement helped significantly with a subsequent one, and increased their certainty going forward.

“When we have a three-bay emporium and we confirm to enhance it, it’s unequivocally frightful to do that a initial time. When we confirm to do it again, we know that we can hoop it,” Debbie says.

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