European Fans Launch Mega Man 11 Petition

After we reported on the European recover of Mega Man 11 usually being digital, fans of a Blue Bomber have taken to formulating an online petition in a hopes of throwing a courtesy of Capcom.

With Mega Man’s cult-character status, fans always roar to support their favourite character. While there’s always unaccepted figurines to buy, a best approach to let a association famous we adore a authorization is to support a central releases, and European fans usually wish to be means to support Mega Man like their North American counterparts.

If you’re a European fan and wish during slightest a possibility during a earthy duplicate of Mega Man 11 and a European recover of a central Amiibo, afterwards feel giveaway to pointer a petition here.

How do we feel about a recover varying between regions? Let us know in a comments below, or strech out to us on Twitter, possibly a N3rdabl3 account or my own!

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