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With a large European Overwatch margin knocked down to only 8 teams, Overwatch Contenders dynamic a tip group in a segment on Saturday.

Starting with a quarterfinals, all 8 teams had already competent for a initial deteriorate of Overwatch Contenders—and any was guaranteed during slightest a bit of a $50,000 esteem pool. But with $25,000 on a line for initial place, teams came into a day out for blood.

The quarterfinal matches fast privileged a field, with any matchup—eUnited vs. Movistar Riders, Team Singularity vs. Laser Kittenz, 123 vs. Rest in Pyjamas, and Misfits vs. Bazooka Puppiez—being dynamic in a 3-0 fashion. Moving into a semifinals, 123 faced off opposite Bazooka Puppiez, while eUnited matched adult with Laser Kittenz.

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In a rather startling result, 123 managed to surpass Bazooka Puppiez 3-1. While both 123 and Bazooka Puppiez are unsigned teams, 123 was clearly a underdog. Bazooka Puppiez fields players from a accumulation of former veteran lineups, while a names on 123 sojourn comparatively unknown—up until yesterday. With considerable teamwork and plain mechanics, 123 will be a group to demeanour out for in Overwatch Contenders Season One. Beating Bazooka Puppiez meant securing a container in a Season Zero finals, where they would take on eUnited.

123 put adult a quarrel opposite eUnited, holding a series’ initial indicate with a win on Oasis. Their success there, however, was brief lived. EUnited only valid to be some-more mechanically skilled, with improved teamwork, and sealed out a array by violence 123 on Route 66, Temple of Anubis, Hollywood, and Lijiang Tower.

EUnited took home $25,000 for initial place, while 123 warranted $10,000. Laser Kittenz and Bazooka Puppiez any garnered $4,000. All 8 teams that participated yesterday will pierce on to Season One of Overwatch Contenders, with a possibility to acquire a partial of a $100,000 pot.

Season One starts Aug 14 with 6 weeks of unchanging deteriorate play. Overwatch Contenders will interpretation in Oct with an offline finals. Better yet, all matches of a contest will be streamed live.

Overwatch Contenders continues today (July 2), where a North American champion will be crowned.

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