EU fans need to ratchet down a violence over Brexit, says … Barack Obama? An blunder occurred. An blunder occurred.

Via NPR, we … did not design a cosmopolitan-progressive-in-chief to be out there propelling ease when a rest of a general domestic category is screeching that Brexit is a EU’s 9/11. we consternation if he’d be this chill if it weren’t an choosing year. Maybe so — maybe he’s only perplexing to reconstruct some goodwill with a UK after his scandalous “back of a line” comment about Brexit in April. But it’s in a Democratic Party’s seductiveness to extent a mercantile fallout from Brexit as most as probable before Nov lest working-class Americans confirm to hurl a bones on Trump and protectionism. Could be this is simply O perplexing to speak a markets adult for Hillary’s benefit.

The indicate he creates has been done a lot in a final 24 hours: Maybe a UK will finish adult in a same arrange of attribute with a EU that Norway’s in. Norway isn’t a member of a Union though it does contend strong trade with it, that is a top priority for pro-Leave politicians in a realization of a large vote. If Britain can keep a mercantile advantages of EU membership while shrugging off a costs of EU bureaucracy and micro-management, well, what a honeyed understanding Brexit would be. Just one problem: How do we get a EU to go along with that, meaningful that other countries will follow Britain’s instance if Brexit is all upside and no downside for a UK?

London can't “cherry-pick” from a advantages of a E.U. though usurpation a simple strictures, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her Parliament on Tuesday before she trafficked to Brussels for a cooking assembly with British Prime Minister David Cameron and a other E.U. leaders.

“Those who wish giveaway entrance to a European domestic marketplace will have to accept a simple European freedoms and a other manners and duties that are related to it,” Merkel said. “This relates to Great Britain only like to everybody else. Free entrance to a domestic marketplace is postulated to those who accept a 4 simple European freedoms — of people, of goods, of services, of capital.”

Or, some-more succinctly: “Marriage or divorce, though zero in between,” pronounced Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

A “friends with benefits” understanding with small Norway is one thing though replicating it for a vital energy like Britain is an invitation to EU disintegration. Verrrrry uncanny that EU superfan Barack Obama would boyant a probability though emphasizing that fact. Another not-so-minor join to a UK/Norway comparison: As partial of a trade understanding with a EU, Norway subscribes to a EU’s open-borders immigration policy, a pivotal reason because Brexiteers voted to Leave final week. At a unclothed minimum, we would think, a pro-Leave Tories will need a estimable dump in foreigners migrating to a UK in a initial few years after a divorce is finalized so that they have something discernible to uncover Brexit supporters as a prerogative for their vote. If you’re going to safety a same (or a similar) trade attribute with a Union and you’re going to be stranded with Angela Merkel’s come-one-come-all interloper resettlement spectacular (or some homegrown parliamentary chronicle of it), afterwards what’s a indicate of leaving? Why not sojourn in a EU and during slightest suffer some contend over those immigration policies?

Two clips here, one of O on Brexit and a other of him chortling over a thought that Trump isn’t one of a “global elites.”

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