Episode Ignis Fills In More Of Final Fantasy XV’s Blanks

Like Final Fantasy XV’s prior twin pieces of downloadable content, Episode Ignis is short, action-packed, and exists to explain an unused tract indicate from a categorical game. This time, we get to learn how a child Iggy got… changed.

Episode Ignis, that takes place right in a center of Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 9, is set roughly wholly within a beautiful, Venice-inspired city of Altissia. As a bespectacled chef, you’ll have to quarrel your approach by majestic soldiers, regulating your component daggers to barter between fire, ice, and lightning attacks as we penetrate and condense by a streets. You’ll get a hookshot, group adult with an aged frenemy, and run into everyone’s favorite villain, Ardyn.

It’s a fun small frisk that took me about an hour and a half to finish. The finish of Episode Ignis helps explain some of a eminent bodyguard’s emotions during a categorical game’s second act, and it includes a good small impulse between Ignis and his sworn prince, Noctis, that got me a small choked up, I’m not fearful to admit. Swirling around a terrain with twin daggers creates Final Fantasy XV’s fight feel some-more like an movement game, and a song is stellar.

There are also a few opposite endings, including an swap chronicle of Final Fantasy XV’s categorical finale in that all is happy and pacific and doesn’t finish in heartbreak. You can watch all that here:

I didn’t like Episode Ignis as most as Episode Prompto, though we favourite it approach some-more than Episode Gladiolus. Combined, they all make for an engaging and inestimable addition to Final Fantasy XV, and we demeanour brazen to personification by all 230293420349204 successive episodes in a decades to come.

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