Environmental artist Jane Ng usually done 23 singular trees for Firewatch

Lead artist during Campo Santo Jane Ng recently presented during a NYU diversion core about her work as an environmental artist on Firewatch, mentioning how she usually modeled 23 different trees featured in the game. 

Ng emphasized that designers don’t need to emanate hyper-realistic, minute resources in sequence to be memorable, but to concentration on “feeling real”.

She discussed a significance of atmosphere over realism when displaying a sourroundings of Firewatch, citing a technical reduction for the reason she manually had to emanate a trees.

“I had to make it by palm since Speedtree was not integrated in Unity behind then.” She explains. “It can be done but we also comprehend that really few games have hunger trees, because of all trees in a world pine trees are a misfortune in terms of being done 3D.” 

The sourroundings of Firewatch doesn’t feel repeated because, according to Ng, objects and places were scaled formed on what felt right as against to what was accurate. 

Definitely check out the display to hear some-more about her artistic routine during a growth of Firewatch.

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