Early days yet, though this fan-made Overwatch Tactics antecedent has potential

Outside of bot-makers and third-party servers, Blizzard have always had a sincerely accessible attribute with their fans and a countless derivative works they produce. Hopefully that’ll continue to be a box as this fascinating looking turn-based tactical fangame sighted on a Overwatch subreddit continues development.


While we wait (and hope) for this to release, collect out your ideal tactical Overwatch group with a assistance of our best-in-class guide.

The small bit of gameplay footage shown is bare-bones and brief on animation, though seems to have all a core gameplay mechanics worked out. A turn-based conflict engine, a grid map (possibly in need of some some-more formidable terrain), and a several heroes and antiheroes of Overwatch squaring adult opposite a brute drudge overflow as seen in a game’s new Insurrection event.


Reworking a diversion into a tactical RPG is a healthy fit, given Overwatch’s origins as an MMO plan incited FPS. Each impression has a plain operation of powers and attributes that let them trip simply into any RPG role, turn-based or otherwise. From tasty crowd-controlling tanks like Roadhog, apparent DPS beasts like Reaper and support and recovering from a likes of Mercy and Lucio, they seem during home here, and there’s a lot of room to build on a mechanics shown.


The developer – redditor Lucskywalker – has settled that he skeleton on releasing a open build within dual weeks if things go good and he can gloss things adult in time. Daringly, he has also contacted Blizzard on a off-chance that they’ll offer their central blessing for a project. Fingers crossed that all works out, and we get the filthy mitts on this engaging new angle on Overwatch.

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