E3 2017 Trailer for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Atlus has common a E3 2017 teaser trailer for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Featured above, a new trailer provides a demeanour during a Vanillaware-produced mecha game. Footage accessible shows a really clever importance on side scrolling, a water-color outcome over what might be 2D or 3D impression models and a anxiety to “13 people channel paths”. Originally 13 Sentinels was teased during in Jul 2015 as partial of, or usually following, the public exhibit of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir.

The Japanese recover for a diversion is reliable for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. A western recover is confirmed, however platforms have not been confirmed yet.

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  • Too bad it doesn’t uncover any gameplay.

  • I determine with you.

    I would adore to see what Atlus is adult to.

  • Looks beautiful as expected. Also bust confirmed:


  • Why would they not be? Vanillaware likes to have their large breasted characters. Odin’s Sphere, Muramasa, and Dragon’s Crown have all shown this.

  • Yes, and I’m indicating out a impression that possesses pronounced resources around a image. we suspicion it was obvious.

  • Well, we mean, she was in a prior trailer as well. The one 2(?) years ago.

  • And? Does this forestall me from indicating her out?

  • No, though we can also indicate out how apparent and kinda surplus your matter was. Not that this trailer wasn’t redundant, either(basically showed a little bit some-more than a E3 trailer).

    There’s not many else to plead with this diversion during a moment. Just creation talk.

  • Yeah, this was disappointing. The usually thing we caring about in regards to this diversion is observant what a diversion indeed plays like. we consider no trailer would have been reduction disappointing.

  • “No, though we can also indicate out how apparent and kinda surplus your matter was” – surplus how? Did anyone make a accurate same post here? Did a essay mentioned what we said?

    “Not that this trailer wasn’t redundant, either(basically showed a little bit some-more than a E3 trailer).” – we are also presumption that everybody has seen a prior TGS trailer and knows about a game. Atlus releasing it in English and introducing it to a new assembly is distant from redundant.

  • We have eyes, and she’s in a foreground. You even put in a purposeless red circle, as if we couldn’t see it. Yeah.

    Releasing it in english is not a outrageous understanding anymore. We have people that can interpret a strange trailers. Also, it tells us zero we can’t already infer, for a many part. Redundant. Give us gameplay, not a somewhat extended rehash of a trailer constructed 2 years ago.

  • You dual are cute, now get a room. Wish we could fall primogenitor comments to stop surplus conversations from holding adult so many space.

  • Not yet. The tragedy is what sells it. We haven’t reached a violation point, yet.

  • Tell that to a post police.

  • She was in a trailer for 2 seconds, so there might be people who missed her. we put a round to intensify who I’m referring to. I’m contemptible that we don’t get shade or intent.

    “for a many part” is a weasel word and it is utterly apparent that a English trailer conveys new information for those who haven’t seen it or didn’t worry to find a Japanese translator when they saw a original.

  • For a many part, we don’t caring what we try to extend this non evidence with, bruh.

  • I’m not fluctuating anything. I’m usually observant that we are full of shit.

  • Sure, sure.

  • Can’t wait.

  • *sips his splash with his eyes darting behind and onward between a dual of you*

  • Soon.

  • Bokurano feels https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94918beb385f8cd02c2e864db05036e8c6eebafb2ab47878521516272b010b78.jpg

  • This strain could be in Ghost in The Shell.

  • This trailer shows a lot of cold gameplay. we am so prepared to travel to a right.

  • True, though we will contend we would blindly buy any diversion done by Vanillaware but second thoughts.

  • Who’s a uke and who’s a seme in this relationship?

  • We’re not during that stage, yet.

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