E3 2017 News and Updates: ‘No Man’s Sky’ Inspires Ubisoft into Creating ‘Starlink: Battle of Atlas’

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Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” did not unequivocally fly when it was expelled final year. Fans were unhappy with a audience and gameplay, and flattering soon, a diversion developers mislaid many fans. So far, Hello Games is still perplexing to find a approach to get a hype back, though in a meantime, it looks like Ubisoft was desirous by a thought and proceeded to emanate “Starlink: Battle of Atlas.”

Ubisoft central website“Starlink: Battle of Atlas” to arrive subsequent year

“Players will be means to use their starships to try a game’s immeasurable planets adult tighten in a skimmer mode, take to a skies to fly fast to their subsequent objective, or blast out into a opening of space to transport between planets and rivet in peppery space dogfights,” pronounced Ubisoft in a press release.

If that summary given in a company’s press recover sounds familiar, it would be since of Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky.” The diversion developers marketed it is as a video diversion that offers a immeasurable star with millions of planets for gamers to explore. Although a tangible outlay lacks accurately what they advertised, fans did concur that a thought would have been stirring and exciting.

Ubisoft’s trailer for “Starlink: Battle of Atlas” showcases a graphics and gameplay, and so far, it looks good adequate to be softly interesting. Many of a skeptics are awaiting a diversion developers to give them something that “No Man’s Sky” was not means to give since if it is usually going to be about heavenly explorations, afterwards it competence be no improved than Hello Games’ flagship product.

Considering how “No Man’s Sky” is still struggling to settle plain belligerent in a gaming world, fans had churned reactions toward Ubisoft’s “Starlink: Battle of Atlas.” Some were hopeful, though others usually had lifted eyebrows for a trailer.

“Starlink: Battle of Atlas” was announced during a Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and is set to arrive to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 (PS4) subsequent year.

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