E3 2017 Hands-On: Final Fantasy XV’s Monsters of a Deep Is Way More Fun Than You’d Think

Final Fantasy is one of those diversion franchises that defies logic. The whole thing started behind on a strange Nintendo (NES) when Squaresoft (one of a dual companies that eventually total together to turn today’s Square Enix) finished a “final” diversion as a final embankment bid to save their organization. It worked and now several years and over 20 titles after (with 15 main-line entries) a games are still going strong.

One of a large reasons a authorization has finished so good is that a dvelopers have an insinuate believe of what their fans like and want. Part of that is disposition into a fan use and putting characters into stupid and rather astonishing situations. Monsters of a Deep, a PSVR-excxlusive Final Fantasy XV spinoff, is one such adventure.

My demo during E3 2017 started out with me station face-to-face with Noctis, one of a categorical protagonists from a core Final Fantasy XV game. He loves to fish yet nothing of his other friends will fish with him, so your newly founded friendship.

In my left palm we had a sonar that could be used to detect where a fish were satirical and my right palm had a comparatively customary looking fishing rod. By dire a Move symbol on tip of a right PS Move controller, flinging my wrist, and releasing a symbol during a rise of a chuck sent my line drifting into a water. The production and correctness of throwing out a line felt surprisingly good and we never once underneath or over threw it.


Once we got into a section I’d usually have to wait a few moments for a fish to bite, lift adult to offshoot a fish, and start disorder it in with a left PS Move controller. All of a movements were so healthy we fast forgot we was holding dual hunks of cosmetic instead of an tangible fishing rod.

This isn’t designed to be a picturesque make-believe though, notwithstanding how good a view was and how gratifying a mechanics felt. After we held a initial 3 or 4 fish a hulk “boss” fish seemed that compulsory me to use a crossbow to understanding adequate repairs so it could be captured.

And that was it. It was a brief demo on a post of a small little lake with usually a handful of fish to catch. After we was finished a diversion installed adult an finale stage where we was sitting around a campfire with all of a protagonists from Final Fantasy XV as we ate skewers of a fish we usually caught. On a list to my right was a printed out print of my character, wearing a PSVR headset of course, holding adult a fish and smiling. It was endearing and desirable in a approach not many VR practice are. It unequivocally helped me feel like partial of a crew.

The Sony deputy told me that a full diversion will have mixed locations to fish from, new rods and other toosl, as good as a severely stretched register of fish. It’s set to recover someday this September.

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