Dystopian presence diversion We Happy Few is removing a film adaptation

In news that sounds a heck of a lot like an Apr Fool’s joke, a indie presence diversion We Happy Few is fasten a likes of Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, and Hitman in a video diversion film pantheon. Variety reports that Pitch Perfect producer Gold Circle Entertainment and dj2 Entertainment are set to move it to life.

The We Happy Few prolongation is now seeking writers to coop a script. It’s not transparent what impasse developer Compulsion Games has with a project, yet conduct dev Guillaume Provost says dj2 executives were eager when bringing a instrumentation representation to a studio.

“[dj2 Entertainment] approached us enthusiastically with unequivocally plain ideas about how to adjust a diversion to film while maintaining a menace, dim humor, and executive themes,” pronounced Provost. CEO of dj2 Dmitri Johnson combined that a company’s idea is to “make a film that stays loyal to a source material, while still startling fans.”

This isn’t a initial video diversion instrumentation dj2 has worked on. The association is now producing cinema formed on Sleeping Dogs and Sonic a Hedgehog. In a past, it’s worked on an charcterised Skulls of a Shogun array and a Hawken short.

I find this news utterly surprising. We Happy Few done a flattering large sense when a trailer debuted during Microsoft’s 2016 E3 press conference, yet it’s still in Early Access on Steam. When many of a video diversion cinema being done are formed on heavyweight franchises that have proven their popularity, it’s startling to see a comparatively tiny indie diversion hoard this form of adaptation. 

However, I’m not opposite it. we indeed acquire a instrumentation of any and all video games into film. we suffer saying a director’s take on a array we know and love. Mortal Kombat, a initial 3 Resident Evil movies, and Warcraft are a handful of a adaptations that we indeed liked—all of these cinema have their problems, yet they’re fun, silly, and eventually enjoyable. The new Silent Hill film was only awful, though.

Many scripts aren’t eventually constructed into movies, yet hopefully we’ll see We Happy Few on a large screen. We’ll keep we updated.

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