Dying Genji Obliterates Enemy Team With Their Own Ult

Tired: Getting a group kill with your possess ultimate in Overwatch. Wired: Dying a unpleasant genocide as Genji, usually to posthumously comprehend that we deflected a other team’s ult right behind during them, ensuing in a group kill so unavoidable that their Bastion didn’t even try to get out of harm’s way.

That’s accurately what happened in this Play Of The Game—or Play Of The Century, as they were apparently told afterward—by KirbyMatkatamiba. As Genji, they leaped behind a Reinhardt defense and onto a cargo to inhibit a Bastion’s bullet mist behind into his vitriolic face. However, KirbyMatkatamiba was exceedingly outnumbered and finished adult removing filled with lead (and other assorted metals besides) in seconds. To supplement insult to injury, a other team’s Torbjorn—who was positioned right behind Bastion—decided to unleash his code new fiery lava ult. It didn’t accurately go as planned.

Milliseconds before dropping passed from amassed damage, KirbyMatkatamiba incidentally deflected a lava ult behind during a rivalry Torbjorn—and his whole team, whose positioning was conveniently ideal for carrying an indeterminate new ult forsaken on their heads. As KirbyMatkatamiba’s physique laid motionless, a eliminations poured in like so most volcanic genocide goop. Their teammates mopped adult what small was left.  

Of course, this raises a whole horde of questions about how exactly you’d go about deflecting a mini-eruption of lava with zero yet a sword. The good thing about holding out a whole rivalry team, though, is that there’s nobody around to ask questions afterward.

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