Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

Dragon’s Crown Pro on PS4

Five years on, and Dragon’s Crown still hasn’t mislaid any of a charm. Presented as a side-scrolling soldier with RPG elements, a diversion looks and sounds like a poetic square of interactive art, where any backdrop glints if we demeanour closely, and your characters mix into their vicinity beautifully when they stop moving. Dragon’s Crown Pro brings all of that anticipation excellence to a PS4, this time with 4K support and extended graphics and impression artwork. It’s gorgeous.

Just in box you’re new to Vanillaware’s anticipation epic, Dragon’s Crown Pro puts players in control of a budding adventurer. From a get-go, we can select from a accumulation of opposite classes including a Fighter, Amazon, Sorceress, Elf, Wizard, and Dwarf. Each impression has their possess singular pierce set and ability tree, and we can barter between them whenever we want, yet bear in mind that you’ll have to spin them adult from scratch. The Fighter is large on m�lange attacks, and can understanding large amounts of repairs with absurd combos once we start unlocking new moves from a ability tree. If we cite regulating sorcery with a some-more counsel play style, a Sorceress and Wizard can offer that as well. we went with a Elf in a finish for her ranged capabilities and ability to conflict some-more swiftly.

The game’s story is told to we by an omniscient anecdotist who describes a events, Dungeons Dragons style. It’s value observant that Dragon’s Crown Pro comes with all of a formerly expelled DLC, and this includes a Storyteller container that lets we change a voice of a narrator. The voices are all flattering well-done, yet we found myself adhering with a default anecdotist for limit diversion master vibes. The soundtrack has also been redone with a live orchestra, that usually serves to make a universe feel even richer and your journey grander.

The biggest disproportion comes with a graphical update. With 4K support on a PS4, Dragon’s Crown looks even some-more pleasing than ever. George Kamitani’s universe and impression designs were already attractive adequate on their own, and a extended graphics positively do them justice. The fantastical storybook universe looks positively high on a 4K display, and there’s no improved approach to knowledge Dragon’s Crown Pro on consoles.

Unless, of course, you’re on a go. Prior to a recover of Dragon’s Crown Pro, Atlus rolled out an refurbish to a PS3 and PS Vita versions of a diversion to embody a latest patches, as good as PS4 support for a cross-play and cross-save functionality. This means that if we possess a diversion on Vita, we can send your save files to a PS4 chronicle and play it on a console when you’re during home. The online multiplayer works a same way, and Vita owners will have no problem personification with PS4 owners around cross-play. It’s a good approach to safeguard that a actor bottom isn’t split, and it’s really a acquire refurbish for fans who have already sunk hundreds of hours into a diversion when it was initial released.

dragon's climax pro

The core gameplay elements sojourn a same in Dragon’s Crown Pro. You’ll spend some time in town, articulate to several NPCs to allege a story, and collect adult a few quests from a guild, afterwards conduct out to a cave to start violence adult some enemies. Every cave facilities a singular boss, and when we clear a angel in a story, you’ll be means to start accessing tip areas and dark treasures. At a finish of any dungeon, all of your rob and treasures are compiled. Every square of rob has a minute grade, and we can spend bullion to value them and see what they are, or usually sell them off for some discerning money if a class is too low for your level. Even after personification this diversion to execution several times during this point, we still found myself held in a dizzying loop of harsh treasures and fervently praying for singular apparatus any time we strike that Appraise button.

Dragon’s Crown Pro rewards a actor immensely for completing quests, and it really helps that a fight complement still feels liquid and discerning to this day.

While a categorical story is comparatively short, permitting we to finish a diversion with one impression in about 10 hours (or less, if we know what you’re doing), Dragon’s Crown Pro offers good replay value with a B routes in dungeons. These clear new rivalry forms and even worse bosses which, in turn, offer adult even some-more profitable loot. Even after you’ve finished a B routes, that will take some time, there’s even some-more fun to be had in starting over with a new impression and training a code new play style.

If there’s one vital censure to be had about a game, it’s that it doesn’t offer anything new in a approach of content. Yes, there’s a lot to see and do in a game, though all of this calm was already accessible in a strange recover 5 years ago. It would’ve been good to see a further of a new cave or a handful of new sub-bosses, like Vanillaware did with Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, though that isn’t a box here. It’s even some-more of a contrition when we take into comment a fact that a Japanese recover comes with an implausible Dungeons Dragons DLC pack, where we can play by a diversion with impression sheets and hurl practical bones to conflict monsters. Unfortunately, this isn’t a thing in a English release, and it would’ve combined so many some-more to an already illusory experience.

Ultimately, Dragon’s Crown Pro is indifferent usually for newcomers and a many hardcore of fans. As pleasing as a storybook universe looks in 4K, it simply isn’t adequate to clear a second squeeze for those who’ve already played by it on a PS3 and Vita. But if we tumble into a stay of people who are intrigued by this desirable world, or if we usually wish some-more Dragon’s Crown in your life, there’s no improved approach to play this diversion than on a PS4.

Score: 4/5 – Great


  • Game looks overwhelming in 4K.
  • The redone soundtrack is excellent.
  • The fight and rob systems still reason adult well, and a diversion is fun and constrained as ever.
  • Massive replay value, and lots of calm to penetrate into for a new player.
  • Cross-play and cross-save support for a Vita is really nice.


  • No new calm to clear a second dip.

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