Dragon’s Crown Pro (PS4) Review

I should start by observant we never played a bizarre Dragon’s Crown diversion on PS3. Frankly, a lot of a bizarre PS3 catalog upheld me by, so carrying a PS4 now where there are a ton of re-releases and HD upgrades means we get to play some of a improved games from that platform. Some of them are good like Odin Sphere, some are terrible like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Dragon’s Crown Pro falls precisely in a middle, we think.

To put it in elementary terms, Dragon’s Crown is a complicated chronicle of Golden Axe. It’s a 2.5D sidescrolling beat’em adult where we can pierce left and right though also adult and down in an area. Save for a few, unequivocally specific areas, a whole diversion is like this.



Actual controls in a diversion are flattering simple, though a tad unwieldy in spots. You burst with X, do a elementary conflict with square, and a special conflict with circle. Triangle is used to collect adult objects in a levels, while we use R1 to hedge or teleport, depending on a character. You use a analog hang to pierce your impression and a dpad to name equipment in your register to use, such as health potions. You finally use a right analog hang to pierce a cursor palm around a level. This lets we name certain environmental triggers, collect adult dark rob in a level, or name chests for your burglar crony to open.

Right off a bat, there are some oddities to a controls. Having to name equipment with a dpad (or analog stick, we can change it in a options) feels awkward. L2 and R2 are un-used, R2 is usually a same as R1. Why not have object preference on these buttons and use L1 to name what we wish to use?

Also, a cursor thing is… strange. Apparently, this is how a Vita chronicle used a hold controls and they blending it as best they could. Still, carrying to use a right analog hang to name glyphs mid-battle can be challenging.

Character Choice

There are 6 characters for we to name from. Three of them are roughly CO copies of any other, dual are unequivocally similar, and a final is unique.

Fighter – This is a elementary m�lange character. He can use his mattock to attack, do a “power smash” to do a mega attack, and ensure with his shield. The energy pound is a absolute conflict though causes a mattock to get stranded in a belligerent for a few seconds, digest we defenseless.

Dwarf – Very identical to a Fighter, though rolls around a bit some-more and has a cold Blanka-style burst attack. He can also squeeze and chuck enemies and do a “pump up” instead of a guard, that raises his defense.

Amazon – The womanlike homogeneous of a Fighter. She has a normal block, given she has no shield. She’s also generally quicker than a warrior due to wearing reduction – OK distant reduction – armor.

Wizard — One of a dual enchanting characters. Magic users can glow off a accumulation of spells, though need to redeem MP to indeed use spells. Also, your abilities can change depending on a staff we are wielding.

Sorceress — The other enchanting character, and it’s a female. She does many of all a Wizard can, though has one singular talent: She can serve food and weapons for herself or for a celebration we are in. Having her in a celebration can be a godsend in a right circumstances.

And finally there is a Elf. The Elf is indeed a impression we used a most. She has a sincerely diseased normal conflict though can combo off it unequivocally well. She fires arrows from her crawl though has singular shiver space, so we have to collect some-more from pointless drops. She can also do a charged shot that can pierce by enemies.


I played by a diversion essentially regulating a Elf. It’s a flattering straight-forward brawler, many times. You can also do aerial and slip attacks to assistance keep foes off-balance or method together damage, that is customary for a genre. A few things are a tad some-more singular to a game.

The many singular thing is a rune system. You’ll spasmodic see several black in stages. You can name these, along with runes we competence have in your inventory, in a sequence. If we strike a right sequence, a profitable eventuality will happen, such as doing repairs to undead foes, restoring your health, giving we proxy invulnerability, and so on. There are a satisfactory series of combinations out there, so it can lead to possibly zero or finish randomness. If we need, there are guides out there that fact each combination, though that takes some of a fun out of it.

A unequivocally unwavering Golden Axe anxiety is a animals. Occasionally you’ll run into vast animal enemies that can be attacked. After conquering them, we can afterwards float them around and use them to conflict your enemies. One of them is even a tiny dragon that can breathe fire, that is a approach anxiety to Golden Axe.

Replaying Levels

A executive principle of Dragon’s Crown Pro is that we are going to replay levels a lot. You aren’t compulsory to, though levels can have branching paths or dark bedrooms for we to go through. The story also necessitates this: you’ll have to replay a lot of levels to get to a “real” boss, that can be kind of annoying.

Gear and Treasure

Another reason to replay levels is to get gear. Gear peculiarity exists on a S to E peculiarity complement and is rather randomized when we open a chest. You could get a honeyed S-ranked object that your impression can use, or a span of E-rank boots that your impression can’t even wear.

When we collect adult items, we can’t check or wear them mid-level. Once we finish a level, all your rigging is combined to a shade where we can simply value it or sell it. The ubiquitous sequence we had was: anything over a B grade, that my impression could wear, we would value (which costs money). This lets we find out a tangible abilities/stats of a item. Anything subsequent a B grade, we would automatically sell, given we knew it was garbage.

Bones and Parties

As we play levels, you’ll come opposite bone piles we can collect. Only sorcery users have a ability to serve skeletons from bone piles. When we collect a bone pile, we can go to a chapel in a city to move a defunct NPC behind to life. They will be resurrected and afterwards hang out during a pub for you, if we wish to use them in a single-player game. Each comes with their possess weapons/inventory, so we don’t have to keep a whole crew given or anything.

You can also drop a bone raise for a “chance” of an item. we found this complement to be flattering low, all things considered. we rejected about 20 bones, as a test, and usually got dual items. And those dual equipment we already had copiousness of: one was a health refreshment and another was a refreshment to boost my salvation for a brief while. My idea is simply to use a skeleton to revive NPCs. You can get utterly a menagerie of NPCs and given (I don’t think) we can reanimate a NPCs, you’ll need a plain supply of newer and higher-leveled characters.

Network Play…kind of

Dragon’s Crown Pro has online play with adult to 3 other players, though there are a few catches. The initial is that your impression has to ensue by about 8 or 9 levels in sequence to indeed entrance a online system. So, jumping in with my crony took longer than expected, given a diversion doesn’t indeed tell we this and we had to demeanour it adult in an FAQ.

Another bauble is that NPC players can join in with you. You can spin this complement off, though we have to cavalcade down in some flattering keen choice menus to indeed find this. The fact that this isn’t an choice during a network screen, like “Hey, do we wish AI characters with you, approbation or no?”, is bewildering.

Lastly, some of a network formula is…strange. Now, a tangible network play is fine. we played half a dozen matches with a crony and a online formula was fast – no lagging or jumping around. However, who a diversion motionless was a “main” actor was rather confusing. If I’m a host, we should be a one in assign of going by doors or transitioning by screens, though a diversion doesn’t see it that way. It’s fundamentally “whoever gets to a subsequent shade is a winner.” So, when NPC characters would stupidly run to a doorway to a subsequent screen, notwithstanding my crony just summoning food/weapons for us to use, a diversion would bucket to new area, that is unequivocally annoying.

Also, a “leader” impression has a camera lane their movements. Occasionally a camera could get confused by who it is tracking vs. who it should be tracking, that is your character.

Shallow Gameplay

There’s a incomparable emanate here, that is that a diversion feels shallow. we compared this diversion to another that came out 6 years before this one, Odin Sphere. Now, they have opposite aims/design choices: Dragon’s Crown is somewhat some-more 3D, there’s network play, there are longer (non-circular) stages, etc. But man, a fight in Odin Sphere is so many some-more sundry and impactful than in Dragon’s Crown, and that generally is a fact after Leifthrasir came out.

Technically, there is some accumulation in a combat, generally with a enchanting characters, though not enough. You can and do spin up, though it’s mostly pacifist things like “increase repairs by sliding” or boost your life or other attributes. You don’t unequivocally clear new abilities or core upgrades and a gameplay generally remained a same a whole time we played.

Issues of Taste

The final emanate I’ll move adult is personal taste, generally in regards to some of a portraits/close ups we see of characters. If we finish side quests, we clear some beautiful artistic scenes of levels or characters. It’s many value doing a side quests for these alone, given a tangible calm of a quests won’t keep we fulfilled.

On a flip side is Morgan, who runs a object emporium and is one of a many pandering characters I’ve seen in utterly some time. It’s indeed kind of sum how overtly-sexualized she is compared to many of a other characters in a game.

Upgrade Complete

“Pro” in this diversion is flattering apt. For as extreme as some characters look, a diversion does demeanour damn nice. The visuals are given a healthy ascent from their PS3 origins and all looks solid.

Also, there is a re-done soundtrack for a game, that is flattering good.

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