Dragon’s Crown Pro Leaves Me Feeling A Bit Conflicted

Dragon's Crown Pro

During a PlayStation Press Conference progressing today, Atlus and Vanillaware reliable that Dragon’s Crown Pro, an “enhanced” chronicle of Dragon’s Crown for a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, will indeed be entrance to a PlayStation 4.

As someone who immediately fell in adore with Dragon’s Crown a impulse it was announced, this is no doubt good news. The one thing that raw me a many about Dragon’s Crown in 2013 was that it came during a finish of a PS3’s life cycle, preventing it from maintaining all of a playerbase once a PS4 arrived. Sure, we could play it on a PS Vita, yet a handheld has never been renouned to start with and a diversion usually feels some-more healthy when played on a console. As such, a event to play this pretension on a console that is some-more present is unequivocally appealing to me.

However, as most as I’m looking brazen to Dragon’s Crown Pro’s contingent recover here in a West (it comes out on Jan. 25, 2018 in Japan), we can’t yet assistance yet feel a small conflicted about it.

Here’s a thing: after saying a proclamation earlier, I’ve found that there isn’t most going on with this pier that could be deliberate new from a gameplay perspective. Unless Atlus and Vanillaware announces something new (or leaves it as a surprise), a usually critical things this diversion will underline are 4K fortitude support, a newly available soundtrack around live orchestra, cross-play with a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions (w/ save information importing), and twin audio support. Beyond that, we’re removing a same diversion we got 4 years ago — despite a unequivocally good one.

And, of course, we know given we have these expectations: 2016’s Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.

Before 2016, we would have been some-more than calm with Dragon’s Crown Pro in a stream state — during a time, a usually thing we was looking for was a possibility to play on a diversion on a console that wouldn’t have a satisfactory series of a playerbase snatched in a few months.

But Odin Sphere Leifthrasir altered what we have come to design out of Vanillaware when it comes to re-releasing aged titles on new consoles, however astray to George Kamitani and co. that competence be. The strange Odin Sphere on a PS2 was great, yet Leifthrasir blew it out of a H2O in roughly each approach imaginable. It featured softened graphics, softened support rate, new areas/content and vastly softened gameplay in mixed departments, providing a extremely softened knowledge than what was offering before.

As such, when we reported the Dragon’s Crown Pro leak final week, my evident thoughts were about either identical upgrades would be added. Of course, we wasn’t indispensably awaiting updates to a same grade — a strange diversion ran smoothly, had discriminating gameplay and a word “remake” was never seen or mentioned (or even now during a central announcement) — yet there were positively a good understanding of additions fans would have favourite to see even behind in 2013.

Some of these additions enclosed new classes, such as a Female Warrior Monk or a Bandit who we come opposite in a Forgotten Sanctuary and Old Capital, a few new stages or a new track for preexisting ones and even some changes to a Labyrinth of Mirages to make it feel reduction predicted as we progress. we don’t feel like any of these are indispensably indispensable (new classes would unequivocally be good though), yet these would unequivocally assistance a diversion feel fresh.

Freshness is an critical cause here in sold given a sourroundings on a PlayStation 4 has altered extremely given 2013. When Dragon’s Crown initial came out, even if it did usually have about 4 months before a PS4 arrived, a new console still didn’t have a cohesive library by that to keep players occupied. As such, a diversion still managed to final some time on a PS3 — despite in a rather delicate form. However, a PS4 now has a immeasurable lineup and one has to consternation how many people who have stopped personification Dragon’s Crown over a years will be peaceful to collect it adult again if there isn’t anything unequivocally new to tempt them.

Of course, this doesn’t bonus an wholly new assembly of intensity players who picked adult a PS4 recently or those who still possess an strange duplicate for their PS3 or Vita; yet with save information importing and a other additions it does have, it’s not a widen to trust that Atlus and Vanillaware wish people to collect adult Dragon’s Crown Pro rather than a bottom version.

And with all this in mind, a entrance of Dragon’s Crown Pro leaves me feeling a bit conflicted.  On one hand, after saying what Vanillaware did with Odin Sphere, I kind of wish something identical (obviously to a obtuse degree) to be finished to Dragon’s Crown — generally given probable additions have been tossed around for years now. On a other hand, we know that Dragon’s Crown is a illusory diversion as is and a small possibility to play it on a PlayStation 4 is all that we (and many others) ever unequivocally wanted all those years ago.

Even if there is no new content, Dragon’s Crown Pro being a existence is adequate for me. I’ll positively be removing it even yet we possess a duplicate on a PS3, yet we don’t consider I’ll ever be means to stop meditative about what could have been.

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