Doomfist Could Change ‘Overwatch’ But I’m Not Sure That’s A Good Thing

Credit: Blizzard

Doomfist is a churned bag, during slightest so distant in Overwatch’s PTR.

Doomfist is finally playable in Overwatch, at slightest in a Public Test Realm, so naturally we sat down and dismissed adult a diversion to give a new knave a spin.

Unfortunately I’ve come divided from a play-test feeling a bit disturbed about only what Doomfist competence mean for a destiny of a game. I’m a small disturbed he might dissapoint a game’s change in ways that could make a diversion itself reduction fun.

Full disclosure: we could be overthinking things here. we worry. It’s what we do.

I consider Doomfist has potential, for sure, nonetheless we didn’t have a biggest time personification him. That could be me, that could be Doomfist, that could be some multiple of both. Here’s some early impressions.


Doomfist is mostly a melee-focused character. He’s some-more melee-centric than Offense favourite Genji, and is substantially some-more allied to Winston or Reinhardt.

He has an uppercut (Rising Uppercut) that also serves as a traversal ability to strech ledges. This is a cold looking pierce when we watch other people do it—very suggestive of Street Fighter, actually. As a pierce we indeed lift off, though, we found it a bit wonky and tough to land.

Doomfist also has a downward AOE attack (Seismic Slam) that compliments a upper-cut flattering well, and indeed pulls enemies toward him rather than pulling them divided like you’d expect. And he has a charged jolt conflict (Rocket Punch) that can zip we opposite a map, identical to Reinhardt’s assign nonetheless a bit zippier and with a jolt outcome instead of a pin. You do some-more repairs if we pound someone into a wall, nonetheless it’s still not a same as Reinhardt’s pin. we like this one–in speculation during least. More on that in a second.

He can also punch enemies adult into a atmosphere and afterwards burst adult into a atmosphere and punch them again, so get prepared for lots of punching off cliffsides and a like.

Alongside all these punches, Doomfist has a blaster on his left hand (Hand Cannon) that feels a bit like a diseased shotgun–i.e. not many range, nonetheless not a ton of energy possibly unless we glow off all 4 shots off during once.

Finally, he has his ultimate, Meteor Shower, that sends him approach adult in a atmosphere before crashing behind down to understanding massive area-of-effect repairs on his foes. It seems like a cold pierce nonetheless it has a surprisingly paltry animation that doesn’t elicit “meteor shower” utterly in a approach I’d hoped.

There’s during slightest one balancing problem we can see with Meteor Shower: Basically Doomfist is totally inaccessible for adult to 5 seconds while we place your AOE circle. That’s crazy. we can’t consider of another favourite with such a prolonged duration of invincibility preceding an ult. (I could be wrong though.)

Credit: Blizzard

Doomfist is finally here.


All of this substantially ought to be some-more fun than it indeed is.

To be fair, this is substantially during slightest partly due to a fact that Doomfist is incomplete.

For instance, during my time with him his Rocket Punch would assign like it’s ostensible to half a time, nonetheless a other half it would glow instantaneously, promulgation me rocketing opposite a map before we intended. we saw others angry about this in a discuss so it’s really a bug and not me being stupid.

Also, a PTR isn’t a best place to entirely sign a peculiarity of a new character. Playing 6 vs 6 with only one favourite is never going to be as fun as a opposite group of heroes. The dual modes accessible on a PTR right now roughly safeguard lots of Doomfists. In Doomfist Elimination we play as 6 Doomfists vs 6 other Doomfists in brief rejecting matches (first group to 3 victories wins.)

One hapless side-effect of all these Doomfists using around is that we hear his voice lines over and over again, that indeed got flattering irritating flattering quickly.

Credit: Blizzard

Doomfist is a personality of Talon, and sworn rivalry to Soldier 76.

In “No Limits” players can select whoever they like, nonetheless can smoke-stack characters with, uh, no limits. So during my time personification in that mode many people chose Doomfist, for apparent reasons. we also played as a few counters, nonetheless even afterwards it’s tough to tell when you’re adult opposite a group with 4 of a same impression on it. Pharah can take him down from above given he has such tighten range; Sombra should be good during digest him flattering exposed given he relies so many on powers; and Orisa should have some flattering good abilities to opposite his attacks.

Finally, given Doomfist is new I’m only not really good with him yet, that might supplement to my ubiquitous restlessness with how he plays. Given some-more time and use I’ll substantially grow to like him more. we consider in partial it’s only that we have a ubiquitous dislike for first-person m�lange combat, that is because we frequency play characters like Genji or Winston. It always feels a bit messy compared to sharpened (or compared to m�lange in third person.) So we found myself overhanging extravagantly utterly a bit, and it looked like a lot of others were doing a same.

Tentative Verdict

Obviously some people will adore Doomfist, nonetheless we consternation what he’ll supplement and how he’ll change a game. we can see him being a good vanguard form hero, used to mangle adult clumps of enemies. we can see him using into a choke-point where enemies are crowding behind Orisa or Reinhardt and disrupting that unity. Of march we already have characters (like Junkrat) who are flattering effective during that, nonetheless in a really opposite way.

We’ll see when he eventually enters a diversion correct and we can exam him out a approach he was meant to be played, as only one of a group of six. But right now I’m feeling some-more doubtful than usual. Hopefully that changes over time.

Adding new heroes to a diversion like this is great, nonetheless we consider with any new further Blizzard risks violation a game’s change in variable ways. we can see that function with Doomfist, nonetheless apparently it’s too early to tell. we can see him being a savage to go adult opposite on console, for instance, given his pacifist defense ability and movement.

What do we think? Am we totally off-base here? Is it only a PTR? Let me know in a comments, and check out my initial impressions gameplay video below:

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