Dishonored’s initial standalone story has we sport a almighty Outsider

Dishonored, Bethesda’s glorious steam punk-meets-occult secrecy series, is removing a new enlargement on Sep 15th, a developer announced this dusk during a E3 press conference. As many fans suspected, a enlargement puts players in a boots of Dreadful Whale Captain Meagan Foster, who in a prior life was an murderer who went by a name Billy Lurk. But in a gratifying twist, Bethesda has we sport a Outsider, a puzzling and clearly imperishable entity who imbues name adults of Dunwall with sorcery powers.

This expansion, called “Death of a Outsider,” is billed as the Dishonored universe’s initial “standalone story,” definition it’s not technically tied to a second game, nonetheless it appears to take place after a sequel’s end. Unlike a strange game’sThe Knife of Dunwall” and “The Brigmore Witches” DLC packs, this one could be a commencement of a prolonged fibre of episodic one-off practice that serve build out a series’ world, something that seems increasingly expected given a Dishonored 2’s bad sales performance. We don’t nonetheless have pricing details, though as it is something larger, same to Infamous: First Light, it might in a $30 to $40 range.

The trailer has Meagan, how with a cyborg eye and Corvo-like powers, pardon a murderer Daud in a initial step toward a ultimate idea of expelling a Outsider. So regardless of how many it costs, or how prolonged it ends adult being, “Death of a Outsider still looks like it could be a many intriguing and inestimable Dishonored expansion yet.

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