Dishonored composer Daniel Licht passes away

Vetreran composer worked opposite TV, games and film, and best famous in games for work on a Silent Hill series

Composer Daniel Licht, who was famous in a video diversion attention for his work on a Dishonored and Silent Hill series, has upheld divided following a brief conflict with cancer, aged 60.

Licht done his name as a composer on a renouned TV array Dexter, scoring all 8 seasons of a show. He also worked on many other cinema and TV shows with a aptitude for a fear genre, carrying scored entries to a Children of a Corn series as good as some of a Amityville cinema and Stephen King thriller, Thinner.

His work in video games was some-more recent, carrying used his fear skills on Konami’s Silent Hill authorization for a entries Silent Hill: Downpour and Book of Memories. He also was a composer for Arkane Studio’s Dishonored and Dishonored 2.

“Dan was an impossibly gifted musician and composer, though many of all, he was a dear friend,” pronounced Dexter executive writer Clyde Phillips. “His flitting leaves all of us a bit quieter, a bit sadder, and but a present of his song and his love.”


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