Dishonored 2 walkthrough turn 8: The Grand Palace

Once again, there’s zero to repair on a vessel and unequivocally small to collect up. Run your normal brush for anything left laying around, afterwards conduct onto a rug for your briefing.

This vast disproportion now is that you’ve got a new coconspirator (assuming we followed this guide, and Stilton isn’t upheld or insane).

When you’re ready, conduct into city on a skiff. Climb adult a stairs all a approach to a categorical streets. On a way, you’ll pass a integrate of workers unresolved out nearby a vessel — this is a black marketplace smoothness boat. There’s zero to do with them right now, nonetheless you’ll find a pivotal to their vessel in a notation if we wish to come behind here and sack them. Continue along a path. When we come to a checkpoint barricade, spin right, afterwards follow a alley on your left.

You’ll pass a garrulous pauper who will tell we about a Outsider Shrine if we give him some money. Continue adult a stairs.

The art studio/apartment and a protected shop

Before we go into a hallway, Far Reach adult onto a edge above we and to your left, afterwards adult to a pipe. There’s an art studio/apartment we can get into here (and there’s a black bonecharm in a clamp to your left). Continue by a unit and onto a balcony.

This patio overlooks your subsequent destination, a protected shop. There are a few guards patrolling out front, nonetheless we can Far Reach right past them into a shop. Crouch before we go too distant since there’s a ensure upstairs melancholy a shopkeeper who will hear you. If we rush, we can collect adult all we need here before he gets finished and comes downstairs. Otherwise, wait him out — he’ll go and mount out front with his behind to you. If we do wait for a review to be done, wait a small longer for a shopkeeper to go behind upstairs. He doesn’t like we looting his emporium while he’s station right there. There are 3 things to collect adult in a emporium — a unit seizure note from a front counter, a unit pivotal from a money register and a embankment formula note from a conflicting in a behind left. (The unit seizure note tells we how you’re going to get past a wall of light nonetheless most trouble.)

When you’ve got everything, conduct behind outside. Sneak toward a guard, afterwards spin left immediately to find an alley. At a end, you’ll find a embankment we usually picked adult a formula to. Enter it, and continue on.

This is a behind pathway to a black market. Sadly, we don’t have a cue nonetheless — we’ll indicate it out when we get there if we wish it. What we can do here is appropriate a Delivery Boat pivotal from a lady arguing with a shopkeeper.

Continue along a approach we were going and stand adult on a rocks to a grassy area a pauper told we about. Turn left, afterwards watch for a boarded adult cavern on your right. Smash your approach inside to find a Outsider Shrine.

Head behind outward and continue to a right. You’re going to come to a yard — and a front pathway of a black marketplace is down there on your left. However, this yard is another Howler trap. There are dual on a patio to your left, there’s one in a second building unit in a conflicting dilemma from you, there’s one in a initial building pathway about median down a distant side and there’s a fifth one inside a black market. Domino a dual on a left, afterwards cranky a yard on a stone ledge. Pick adult during a slightest a one on a ground, afterwards hit them out. Sneak adult to a unit on a second building and nap dart a one inside or Far Reach past him and throttle him out.

The one in a black marketplace is trickier — your best gamble is to possibly captivate him outward or censor adult to a pathway in and nap dart him immediately. Stock adult on whatever we need — concentration on upgrades if we wish to come behind and sack a place since we’ll collect adult a cue to a behind pathway momentarily.

Back outside, follow a arcade on a distant side of a yard (underneath where a Howler was stealing in a apartment) around to a right. Watch for a tripwire on a stairs during a finish and afterwards go adult them. There’s a boarded adult pathway during a tip that we can pound through.

The unit during a finish of a gymnasium brazen of we has a ensure and an audiograph inside that has a cue for a black market’s behind pathway on a recording.

The watchtower

Head behind out to a patio and Far Reach adult to a watchtower. Pull out a whale oil to close it down. (If you’re looking for collectibles, go behind to a stairwell and stand adult a floor. Smash by a barricaded pathway and sensitively transparent a unit of bloodflies and hit out a nest master. There’s a portrayal in a behind room and we can use a patio to Far Reach down to a watchtower.)

Far Reach down to a pillars and blockade posts. Keep regulating Far Reach to bound from post to post until we can get into a building immediately to a left of a wall of light. Close a pathway behind we to keep from being spotted.

Climb to a tip building to find a shopkeeper’s apartment. Get a collectibles inside and rob a protected — we can find a multiple in a sketch in a shopkeeper’s bureau (which seems like a unequivocally ridiculous thing for a shopkeeper to do, if we ask us). Use one of a doors there to continue to a Grand Palace.

From a shopkeeper’s apartment, dump down and start operative your approach toward a palace. There will be dual guards on your left, unresolved out behind some boxes. Either hit them out or usually equivocate them altogether.

Far Reach adult to a carriage rails — they should be off per a note in a black market. Just keep using along until we get to a palace.

Finding a duke

There are a few places we could find a Duke and/or his physique double. Instead of walking we by checking any of those areas — and risking being speckled — we’re going to take a prolonged approach around, knocking out guards and civilians along a way, to a place that consistently lets we find who you’re looking for nonetheless a ton of risk to you.

Use a vast lamppost-chandelier-things to stay above a 4 guards and Domino them together. These are a usually 4 guards out front, so once we hit them out, you’re comparatively protected out front here.

Don’t worry going any serve inside — a house is full of guards and Clockwork Soldiers. Face a front, afterwards spin left. Hop by a H2O tie and stand onto a low wall on a other side. Turn to your right, and you’ll see dual civilians and a ensure examination them. Inch brazen until we can Domino all three. Far Reach behind a ensure and hit them all out.

Continue a small was along a outward of a palace. You’ll come to a pool on your right. There are dual civilians chatting inside. Stay out of steer and Far Reach adult onto a gazebo above a door. Far Reach again adult onto a high wall to your left. There are dual civilians and a ensure subsequent you. You don’t need to hit them all out, nonetheless removing them out of a approach removes a lot of risk.

You’re going to keep roving along a outward of a building a small further. There are dual some-more civilians we have to hoop adult a stairs on your left. Stay out of steer and Domino them, afterwards possibly nap dart them or hit one out when their backs are turned.

Facing a building now, conduct to a distant left and crouch. There’s an open window during a end. Climb inside on tip of a bookcase. There’s a poker diversion function to your right, nonetheless it’s not value your time to fight.

Far Reach true out of a room to a tip of a stairs. Before we conduct down, keep going out onto a balcony. There are dual some-more civilians out there who will see we by a window. Knock them out before they call for a guards.

Back inside

Head behind inside and down a stairs, afterwards hit out a municipal during a bottom. There’s a bonecharm and dual some-more civilians in a room to your left. Stay crouched and keep streamer along a corridor to a end, afterwards go by a doors on your left.

If we conduct down a stairs here, you’ll be streamer toward a tip opening to a Duke’s vault, nonetheless we don’t have a pivotal yet, so it’s not value a trip. Head adult a stairs dual floors and go by a doors during a tip to find Delilah’s chamber. (There’s a portrayal right brazen of we when we go nonetheless — it’s subsequent to a piano, as we mentioned in a collectibles guide.)

Sneak brazen and to a left. Chances are, there will be dual chosen guards and a Duke’s lookalike inside a subsequent room. Domino ONLY a elites and hit them out when a lookalike walks divided — if he sees we (or a bodies), he’ll uncanny out and be invalid to we for a small while.

Once a guards are comatose and stashed, find somewhere to censor and watch a lookalike. If he starts smoking, we can be certain that it’s a lookalike and not a Duke. Hop down and travel right adult to him. After some peaceful persuasion, a dual of we will come adult with a nonlethal devise to hoop a Duke. You’ve got some work to do, nonetheless he’ll hoop a cleanup.

Head behind to a stairs and go adult one some-more flight. Go by a doors brazen of we to find a Duke’s chambers. The lookalike will be in a room to your right, nonetheless he won’t worry you. There’s a loft upstairs where a Duke is unresolved out with an elite. You can use a stairs to censor adult on a chosen and Far Reach adult to a candelabrum to get an angle on a Duke. Knock them both out.

Loot a safe pivotal from a Duke’s body, afterwards collect him up. Carry him downstairs and place him in his bed. The lookalike handles it from here, job in a guards to take divided a “crazy lookalike.”

Once a guards have privileged out, conduct behind to a stairs once again. Take them all a approach down. When we get behind to where we initial started on a stairs, nonetheless go down this time. Keep streamer down into a Personnel Only basement.

Crouch when we start coming a cupboard — there are dual guards on a left. Wait during a pathway and they’ll travel right in front of you. Domino them and hit them out. There’s a symbol in a shelves on a left side of a core aisle. Push it and conduct into a tip passage.

Inside, there’s a integrate of collectibles in a uncanny tabernacle room to a left and a plans on a table. Head to a behind of a room and use a Duke’s pivotal to open a vault. You’ll see Delilah’s horcrux immediately brazen of you, nonetheless don’t rush into a room usually yet.

There’s a Clockwork Soldier patrolling a room. Use a bookcases to stay out of steer and destroy it.

Walk adult to a horcrux and let things play out. When you’ve collected Delilah’s spirit, you’re finished here. There are several other collectibles we haven’t passed, yet, so impute to a collectibles beam and remember to save mostly and stay crouched.

Don’t go behind by a cupboard to leave. Use a staircase inside a horcrux chamber. You’ll stand adult to a subsequent building and find a tip door. Use a symbol to open it.

There’s an arc pylon on a distant side of a room. Sneak by a pathway solemnly and spin right immediately. Power down a arc pylon as shortly as we can. Far Reach adult by a skylight and start operative your approach toward Meagan’s HUD pen along a roofs.

Far Reach down to a stairs to find a dock. You’ll have to float a final bit to a skiff.

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