Dishonored 2 walkthrough turn 4: The Clockwork Mansion

Fixing a leak

Before we speak to Meagan or Dr. Hypatia, check all over a boat for some-more things to pocket. You’ll also find a new to-do list with another thing to repair on a boat and an discretionary objective.

To finish it, collect adult a valve circle from a seminar behind a categorical lecture room. Take it to a lowest rug and tighten down a leak.

When Meagan drops we off in a Aventa District, spin to a right. There’s a corridor there where we can collect adult a few some-more useful things. Go adult a stairs on a distant side of a seminar we come out into. There are a lot of guards patrolling a travel during a tip of a stairs that make it flattering most not value a trouble. Instead, only equivocate it. Turn around during tip of stairs and Far Reach adult to balconies above you. There are a few collectibles we can squeeze from right here.

Black Market and Paolo

Head to a finish of a buildings toward a ensure shed during a end. Take out a chosen ensure if we wish — it’ll save some we another chairman to equivocate — afterwards take a right into a alley. Your idea is to cut opposite and take stairs down toward a black market. You can use a length of a alley to put some stretch between we and a patrolling guards if we need to.

Head down a stairs into a alley and afterwards take a stairs down on a left to enter a black market.

Inside, a shopkeeper won’t understanding with we until after a internal bully named Paolo comes in. Find something to censor behind and we can watch Paolo shake down a shopkeeper. You can delicately take out his friends starting with a large male nonetheless being noticed. When we take out Paolo, though, he turns into a overflow of rats that conflict you. Killing him — or a rats he turns into — does not impact your Merciful rating.

With Paolo handled, we can finally shop. Cash in on any blueprints you’ve picked adult newly — we suggest upgrading your to Instant Sleep Darts and any other crossbow upgrades you’d like. Your idea clues are going to beam we toward shopping a rewire apparatus to get into Aventa Station. We’re not going to suggest removing inside that proceed — it’s a pain. Feel giveaway to buy as many rewire collection as you’d like, nonetheless we’re not going to be regulating any right away. Pick adult a Ticket Booth pivotal as good — it’ll come in accessible in a minute. Stock adult on anything else you’d like and afterwards conduct behind outside.

Aventa Station

One option, that your HUD and idea clues will indicate we to, is to penetrate your proceed in by a front door. It’s intensely formidable to get inside nonetheless removing speckled or attacked, so we’re going to go over.

Backtrack your proceed to a categorical block in front of Aventa Station and Far Reach adult onto a lamppost. From here, we can Far Reach onto a roof of Aventa Station. You have a integrate discretionary tasks here. To your left, there’s an unit building to loot. Behind a station, there’s a rune that’s baiting a Howler trap. Neither of them is particularly necessary, so we’ll leave those to you.

In a center of of a roof, there are dual skylights that are open. Facing a front of a station, demeanour down by a left skylight. You’ll see a blue-shirt and an chosen ensure that arrives in a carriage. The chosen ensure will only kind of hang out there while a other ensure patrols. Wait for a blue-shirt to spin his behind and afterwards dump onto a elite. Quickly collect him adult and Far Reach behind to a roof to censor a body. You can do a same when a blue-shirt comes behind again. There’s one some-more patrolling ensure to take caring of. Turn to a left and watch for him on a stairs subsequent you.

When all 3 guards are out of a way, conduct downstairs and use a pivotal we bought from a black marketplace to rob a Ticket Booth.

When you’re finished there, conduct behind upstairs and take a carriage to Upper Aventa.

Frustratingly, nonetheless predictably, a carriage doesn’t broach we all a proceed to a Clockwork Mansion. You’ll have to unblock a tracks. Turn right immediately after removing off a carriage. You’ll learn that you’ll need a multiple to get a carriage relocating again, that you’ll find around here somewhere.

Turn left from a control row and afterwards immediately right. Continue by a white pathway into a run of a Grand Guard offices. There’s a ensure during a front list and he’s got a crony behind there with him. Far Reach past him and delicately open a pathway on your left. The ensure during a list is flattering focused on his work, so concentration on his friend initial — he’s customarily in a room directly behind a typing guard. When both of them are taken caring of, rob a bedrooms on a belligerent floor.

There are dual guards in a room during a tip of a stairs. Peek by a keyhole to watch them and wait out their tea break. One will conduct to a list and a other will start pacing. It’s not particularly required to confront these guards, nonetheless holding them out lets we pierce around a bit some-more freely.

There’s a whale oil tank on a wall here that powers a wall of light outside. You might be tempted, like we were, to tighten it down. Do not do this, though. Powering down a wall of light will pierce all of a guards outward in to examine and that won’t finish well.

Go adult a subsequent moody of stairs to a classroom behind a pathway noted Private. There’s a plans laying on one of a desks inside. To a right, there’s an adjoining bureau with a maestro ensure upheld out during his desk. Knock him out and rob all from his physique — he’s holding a Side Alley pivotal that opens adult several some-more collectibles. He’s also got a carriage formula on his desk.

Backtrack by a building and behind out front. You can use a pillars and posts to equivocate a guards and try a Side Alley. These are lonesome in a collectibles guide, so we’ll skip them here.

Head behind to a control row by a carriage and enter a formula we found in a sleeping guard’s office, afterwards take a carriage to a mansion.

There are no guards outward of a mansion, so only exit a carriage and make your proceed inside. With another bucket shade out of a way, we can now proceed. Explore a initial room we enter, afterwards go by a doors to a right. Pull a push to your right. The room will file itself you’ll accommodate your initial Clockwork Soldier.


Jindosh’s Clockwork Soldiers are a new rivalry you’ll face here (and intermittently via a rest of a game). They’re simply a toughest rivalry you’ll face. Clockwork Soldiers are armored, have eyes in a behind of their heads and they demeanour like General Grievous meets Edward Scissorhands.

There are dual things we contingency do to improved them: Remove their heads and stay stay quiet.

If we mislay a conduct of a Clockwork Soldier, they can no longer see and will rest instead on listening, definition we spin invisible to them when crouched. Removing a conduct is best finished with a dump attack. Failing that, a integrate of crossbow bolts or a close-range pistol blast work as well, nonetheless display we if we skip or a conduct survives a attack. If you’re set on destroying a soldiers, try to conflict from above — a initial dump conflict will mislay a head, a second will destroy it.

If you’re somewhere where we can’t get a dump on them, mislay a conduct first, afterwards collect divided during them and their armor. Your idea is to remove a limbs. When all of a arms are removed, a infantryman will explode.

You technically have dual choices here. You can go adult and confront Jindosh, or skip that and rescue Sokolov first. Confronting Jindosh is an use in futility, though, and will lead we right behind here. So lets skip that and only conduct for Sokolov. Your goal, then, is a pathway behind a infantryman forward of you. When we approach, it will go into conflict mode.

This is as good a time as any to use confronting a Clockwork Soldiers. When you’ve dealt with it, go by a doors.

There’s a useful map on a wall inside that will do we approximately 0 good given all a walls pierce anyway. Turn to a left and pass into a hallway. Move adult toward a dual guards deliberating a Clockwork Soldier during a finish of a hall, afterwards steep into a alcove on a right. Wait out a review and a guards will start patrolling.

The lady will come down a gymnasium toward we while a male will unit left and right. Either hide behind a behind of ensure that passes we or hit her out and accumulate her in a alcove. Cut opposite a gymnasium and out a window on a other side. There’s a possibility that we could conduct this before a guards start patrolling, nonetheless you’ll be flitting behind by here later, so improved protected than sorry.

Head to a right, following a signs for a dining room and lounge. At a finish of a hall, you’ll find a pool list (please feel giveaway to disagree during length in a comments about how this isn’t technically a pool table).

Climb adult and by a induce in a roof to enter a crawlspace between a initial and second floors. Follow a signs to a watchful room. If we watch by a vents, we can see guards lift adult an Arc Pylon in a dining room. Continue around in a crawlspace to equivocate it completely.

Continue past a watchful room and dump by a building twice. You’ll finish adult in a groundwork of a mansion.

Follow this new crawlspace around and you’ll shortly come to a whale oil bin powering a Arc Pylon above you. Go forward and invalidate it now — mostly out of annoy given we’re going to be circumventing a dining room anyway.

At a finish of this crawlspace, you’ll be means to open a induce and dump into a elevator. Duck immediately to one side since there’s a span of guards watchful right outside. Take them out, afterwards spin to a left to find a Assessment Chamber.

Assessment Chamber

Take a stairs down into a comment chamber. Open a cover by pulling a push and rearranging a walls restraint your progress. Stand on a block on a building to file a walls again. Right inside, there’s a Clockwork Soldier watchful for you. Use Far Reach immediately to diverge over to your right to equivocate too most trouble. If you’re lucky, it’ll travel over to examine where we were only standing, triggering a walls again and trapping itself inside. Otherwise, only keep relocating — there are copiousness of walls between we and it to keep it out of steer and out of mind.

Continue behind into a a cover and generally toward Sokolov’s marker. Smash a timber planks we find on a floor, and mount on a block we display to open Sokolov’s cell.

Smash a planks in Sokolov’s room to display another block to tighten off a room again if a Clockwork Soldier is patrolling. Talk to Sokolov (and squeeze that portrayal in his cell). When you’re ready, you’re going to have to lift him out.

Use a building squares to get behind out to a entrance. Stash Sokolov and understanding with a Clockwork Soldier if it gets too close. When we get to a exit and are prepared to conduct behind to a elevator, 3 guards will uncover up.

Your best possibility to equivocate showing is to fast Far Reach adult onto a roof of a Assessment Chamber, afterwards get behind a shade to a left of a stairs. There’s a push here that calls down a watchful room. Deal with a civilians inside — or only omit them — and Far Reach into a crawlspace above it. There’s a symbol that will lift a room behind to a strange position.

From here, we can backtrack all a proceed to a carriage and accumulate Sokolov there. Once he’s safe, conduct behind inside again to understanding with Jindosh.

Kirin Jindosh

Use a same trail once again to make your proceed to a elevator. If we get in a conveyor in a basement, we by-pass a dining room and a guards there. Take a conveyor to a second floor. There, you’ll find dual guards and one Clockwork Soldier. Use a multiple of Sleep Darts and Far Reach to outwit them.

Down a gymnasium to a left, you’ll find Jindosh’s bedroom. Again, use your Far Reach to keep out of sight. You can stand on tip of a photography backdrops to get above a soldier.

Use a switches to file Jindosh’s ridiculously difficult bedroom/bathroom/photo studio. Ride his bed around to a other side of a wall and go by a doors there to find Jindosh’s laboratory.


Jindosh and dual of his Clockwork Soldiers are adult on a second turn of a lab. You’re acquire to Far Reach adult onto a candelabrum in a center and confront Jindosh and a soldiers directly. It won’t be a flattering or easy fight. Instead, we suggest immediately branch right and operative your proceed around a lab on belligerent level. You’ll come to a prosy door. Pass by a pathway and take a elevatore we find there adult to a third floor.

Climb onto a boxes by a conveyor and use your Far Reach to equivocate detection. You can make your proceed to Jindosh’s desk. You’ll find a note here that hints during a nonlethal resolution to a problem presented by Jindosh.

Knock out Jindosh and lift him behind to a initial building — burst over a vituperation to get divided fast if a Clockwork Soldiers locate steer of you. Place him in a electroshock chair.

You’ll learn that a electroshock appurtenance doesn’t have adequate energy to grill his mind only yet. Use a hints supposing by a circuitously chalkboard to figure out that we need to call adult a Anatomy and Optics pods to giveaway adult adequate power. Flip a switch to make certain Kirin Jindosh is no longer a problem.

From here, your charge is to retrace your stairs all a proceed to a motorboat and Meagan. Make certain we check the collectibles beam before we leave to make certain we haven’t missed anything. Just like before, hang to roofs and balconies on your proceed behind to equivocate detection.

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