Dishonored 2 Shows Us The Right Way To Respond To PC Performance Issues

Ever given a hilly PC release, Dishonored 2 wasn’t looked during unequivocally fondly among a PC community. This was, of course, due to a sub-par support rate, graphical bugs and other opening issues. While this didn’t impact everybody in a same way, it influenced adequate people to severely mistreat Dishonored 2‘s accepting and sales on a PC.

While usually climbing in examination percentages, Dishonored 2 sat resolutely in a 60-69 percent positive, that is categorized as “Mixed” reviews on Steam. That altered during a Steam Winter Sale, where Dishonored 2 reached 70 percent, finally cementing a quip in a PC community, and putting it during a acceptable “Mostly Positive” designation.

This commission stays a same even if we filter out Steam Key Activations and usually concentration on purchasers.

Dishonored 2 was noted down 33 percent, giving it a cost of a small some-more than $40 USD during a Steam Winter Sale. According to Steam Spy, Arkane Studios’ secrecy movement supplement has gained some-more than 60,000 new owners, with a boost starting as shortly as a Steam Sale started.

While a sale itself apparently translated into some-more owners, a genuine doubt is either this new nomination will meant some-more sales over time, even after Steam Winter Sale ends.

It helps, though, that a PC opening issues are mostly resolved. While some people on Reddit are still stating issues, quite those with Radeon Video Cards, it seems many people have a diversion regulating uniformly regardless of choice in Chipset.

A diversion we put during No. 2 on a Best Games of 2016, Dishonored 2 could unequivocally usually be derailed by technical issues, but, Arkane Studios had a good response to this emanate from that others can take notes.

The Right Way

For one, Arkane responded to a PC opening issues immediately – acknowledging their existence and indicating that they were questioning a issues.

Then, and this is unequivocally important, they followed up, formulating countless patches, any one of them tested by a village around Steam’s beta functionality.

Arkane afterwards followed by even more. After a initial patch was released, they went forward and expelled another, and another usually for good measure. The best partial is that they saved their new calm updates until after their PC opening issues were mostly addressed.

While it does seem they are still addressing some opening issues, Arkane Studios have shifted their concentration to suggestive gameplay improvements, such as New Game Plus and Customizable Difficulty. As we’ll see, this is a right time to deliver these elements, and there positively is a wrong time.

The Wrong Way

You don’t have to demeanour unequivocally distant in a past to see an instance of feeble doing PC opening issues. You’ll usually have to go behind to Mafia III. While that diversion had issues on consoles as well, a PC issues were most some-more pronounced.

With Mafia III, we were given a diversion that was substantially unplayable, and 2K Games, while discerning to respond, did not keep a village concerned in a same approach Arkane did. They left summary on recover date, and a hotfix patch dual days after that wasn’t tested by Steam players.

But then, a genuine problem with 2K’s response showed up, in a form of additional cosmetic content. What’s a problem with a diversion studio charity giveaway calm after a severe release? The categorical emanate is that they didn’t repair a core problems before doing so. To many people, this felt like a satisfaction esteem that conjunction consoled nor had a value of a “prize.”

It was seen as 2K observant “look, we know out diversion is still broken, technically, though here’s some giveaway cosmetics that we substantially should have enclosed in a diversion during launch.” As we competence imagine, people weren’t impressed.

And they still aren’t. Mafia III also went on sale during Steam’s Winter Sale – 35 percent off during $39 USD – though it had a conflicting outcome of Dishonored 2‘s discount. Not usually is Mafia III still “mixed” with usually 46 percent certain reviews, a new reviews territory (presumably those who purchased a diversion during a sale) is “mostly negative” with an even reduce 36 percent certain reviews.

The arch censure among new reviews? Bugs and opening issues.


While gamers are not ones to forget when someone does them wrong, it appears do have a ability to pardon if issues such as PC opening are rubbed correctly. Arkane Studios put these issues as their top priority with Dishonored 2 and intent a village a whole way, regulating them as a benchmark for patch tests. They saved all extraneous calm updates until after a PC opening issues were mostly resolved

Now that Dishonored 2 is on a margin of vital calm updates, it’s goes to uncover that opening issues during launch don’t have to be a genocide sentence. But they can be, if we aren’t careful.

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